Farming Simulator 2013 2023

Farming Simulator 2013

Users who want to follow in the footsteps of farmers get with the Farming Simulator 2013 Download the chance. Users enter a free walk game world, the catapulted in the village and rural life. But time for country life romance is hardly: Working as tractor driving, plowing, sowing and harvesting are announced. The farmer simulator 2013 comes with larger maps, improved graphics, 100 vehicles and a challenging career mode to the PC.

Farming Simulator 2013 Download for hobby farmers

Whether it is because of the lack of country air and longing for peace and idyllic farm is questionable, but the Farming Simulator is very popular. to connect the game from the Swiss home GIANTS Software tried downloading Farming Simulator 2013 in the success of predecessors – apparently very effective. Even the pre blew all records. In addition, the Farmers fan base is huge and very active. Who wants to play the role of a farmer is certainly not disappointed in Farmer Simulator. However, everyone should be aware that anything but holiday is announced on the farm here. Although sniff against country air and listen to the chirping of birds is nothing, but it needs to be properly delivered unpacked. wait from dawn to sunset fields that ordered the fields plowed and animals need to be fed. Anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the tough peasant life at least once a hobby, is right here.

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Farming Simulator Download

Requirements for the download and installation of the simulator game

The Farming Simulator 2013 download comes as a demo version on the home PC. The file is about 200 MB in size – so the download could take two or three minutes longer. By downloading the file on Windows operating systems, the generations XP, Vista, 7 and now 8 can be installed. The program also requires at least a 2 GHz processor, 1GB of memory and twice as much disk space. In addition, a graphics card with at least 256 MB of RAM should be available.

Knallharter farmers working day in Farming Simulator 2013

After downloading the Farming Simulator 2013, the hobby farmer ends up in Hagenstedt, the location of the new simulator version. There are available 42 fields that can be edited. Similar to other games, the user starts here initially small and can work your plow or one by one from this site. So initially is only one area of ‚Äč‚Äčarable land available, which ordered fertilized, must be plowed and harvested. In what order to do that, and as ever, provides the simulator before eleven tutorials.

Farmers are learning by doing

Despite the many tutorials, the hobby farmer is left somewhat in the lurch as far as the steps. In career mode and strategic approach is needed. That is, the farmer must pick up and money in addition to the field work, to increase its arable land to buy new equipment and vehicles and to build more buildings. How can I hires this, but everyone has to find out for themselves. Instructions that explain such situations example, in vain. What remains a is to mimic the flagship compatriot: fields to plow, sow, harvest and quickly multiply the money in this way. The animal breeding should move in any case to a later date, as they initially requires large investments.

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Farming Simulator Download work

Simulator game with incentives for farmers

The farm work is exhausting and lasting a little monotonous, but a sustainable motivation seems to be developing. Not least because up to 100 vehicles are for sale to erbwerben that you would like at some point all go sometimes. Among the tractors, tractors, combines, harvesters and Hofladern are over 20 licensed brands like Horsch, Case IH or Lamborghini. So the strategy of Farming Simulator 2013 Downloads rises. For variety, also ensure the spontaneous special tasks. So the farmer must now and then return objects left lying around or cut the grass on the golf course. Making it possible to easily increase the farmer’s office.

Assistants for the hobby farmer

of users increased its arable land by skillful purchases and sales of crop products and vehicles zoom, the work in the long run can not be propped alone. No problem: The farmer can adjust support staff who take over plowing and harvesting. Unfortunately, the hard-working helpers are not shown nor can understand exactly what they cost exactly.

Farming Simulator Download Graphics

Compelling graphics in Farming Simulator 2013 Download

Both in Farming Simulator as well as other free Simulator games from A – Z, such as aircraft, submarine or Zugsimulatoren the graphics plays a crucial role. Without a good video of the fun is only half as large. This is also aware of the developers of Farming Simulator so powerful was screwed to the graphics. Positive fall on the various animations of the vehicles. The world is not only much larger Moreover, the environment is designed much more detailed and loving in comparison to its predecessors. The village is much more nuances, there are more trees and plants available. Of course, it will also still more: For example, the two-way traffic on the road is still relatively sparse, free-running animals in nature you miss as well. Especially nice succeeded but are the different modes of representation of shadows and light conditions such as at dawn and dusk. Successful simulator for agricultural enthusiasts The Farming Simulator 2013 Download brings a visually appealing and challenging simulation of the Farmer-existence to the PC. The graphics are well done and the features have been expanded compared to its predecessor. However, a few more assistance would not be wrong. But perhaps the charm of it all is exactly it.

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