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The party list saves minors the way home from the disco at midnight. The PDF Parents have the option to transfer the so-called education commission temporarily to other legal age.

Thanks party list Download party until after 24 pm

Young people under 18 are not allowed according Jugendschutzgesetz not without their guardian for more than 24 hours to be at an event. It does not matter whether it is an evening at the club, a bar or a cinema. Concerts is necessary to leave until midnight. Those looking to stay still longer, gets the Party Flyer Download the chance. Basically he fulfilled the task of an education commission. What sounds like common bit bulky and dusty in the German officials, is nothing more than a power of attorney, which is filled out by parents and signed. Markus Waibel has addressed these problems and provides on this authority as a PDF.

Party Flyer Download

What should be considered when using the slip Party

How it software is familiar from other templates and form, it is also incredibly fast and easy to handle. First, the party list should be downloaded for free. The next step is to open the form and fill in the fields of education commission. Alternatively, the data can also be entered by hand. now the Print the form twice. A copy goes to the organizer - one should lead the young people themselves with him. In the next step, the commission must be signed: Of the parents and also from the full Jähren who takes over the education commission for the corresponding event. In addition, one must Copy of the identity card of the parent, signed which are glued on. Without the identity card of the entire party list download is invalid. The minors must now person accompanied by parental authority to Make note at the inlet of the event. necessarily retain the second copy.

Party list Download ID Card Copy

In addition to the education commission, the following documents must be also available:

  • a copy of the identity card or passport, a parent
  • a photo ID of the minor
  • a photo ID of the education officer

Form levers not protection of minors

Although the official curfew from 24 pm is canceled under these conditions, yet more provisions of the Youth Protection Act of the document remain unaffected. This particularly applies to the use of alcohol and tobacco products. Thus, the education office holder accepts by signing the Responsibility and supervision for minors. On the one hand, this means that one must also be at the event. In addition, the person has to take care that no alcohol or drug abuse takes place. If the minor something happens under the responsibility of the education officer - in violation of the duty of supervision - can draw on those responsible consequences.