prism app 2023

prism app

the free prism app transforms photographs into works of art à la Van Gogh, Munch and Picasso.

prism appThe Prism app has filters for templates renowned artists such muchs "The Scream",

Superb photographic filters with the Prism app

There are countless apps to rework his pictures and aufzuhübschen. Few developers, however, are able to offer such a convincing filter, as the Russian Software Studios prism Labs inc. The idea is simple: The filters are designed in the style of great works of art, such as Edvard Munch’s The Scream or The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai and many more. So far, a total of 30 templates of various artists are available – it follow safe with the next updates and more.

Prism app Katsushika HokusaiImages: Prisma Labs inc.

Create and share pictures

The Prism app is absolutely intuitive to use. After starting the app can optionally with the integrated camera a new picture or use an existing shot to be loaded from the gallery. Following a series of works of art, from which one can try different and lie down as a filter over the original image appears. When you have found the right effect, the image can be shared by clicking on the corresponding icon on Instagram or Facebook or saved in the gallery. Who his creations so via another channel – for example, WhatsApp and Twitter – wants to share, so must first caching. Although this is a little more complicated than comparable applications, but that’s to get over in view of the results entirely.

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Controversial access rights

For the app it rained right after the release of a lot of praise and hakelte on the other side sharp criticism. The reason was the extensive privileges that you had to give the seller. In addition, the Prism app transmits images to your own server in order to alienate there. However, it remains questionable what actually happens to the so shared data. At least users of the application and not mentioned by name sister company must give extensive rights. The whole thing reminds a bit of Orwell’s Big Brother. However, the criticism is justified insofar as it is also valid for networks like Instagram and Co.. Here, too, similar terms and conditions and questionable access or usage rights are.