Consumer: sample letters Insurance

Consumer: sample letters Insurance

Of the Sample letters Insurance Download is provided by the consumer center North Rhine-Westphalia e.V. free as PDF documents. These are valuable aids that save the user a lot of time and effort in writing the letter to the insurance companies.

Download sample letters Insurance: Helpful templates in PDF format

The consumer center NRW provides four different documents in PDF format in the sample letters on the subject of insurance. The templates have the great advantage that they provide the sender a legal certainty. There is indeed in self-written letter is always the risk that they are open to challenge, for example, due to a technicality or missing data.

Sample letters Insurance DownloadSample letters Insurance download for PKV or life insurance (Image: Consumer / Editorial)

Replace the sample text with your own data

The templates included to better illustrate dummy data by Michaela pattern. Who wants to use the templates on insurance, simply loads the PDF file and copies the text into a word processing program like MS Word or OpenOffice. The user then adds the sample text with your own sender information and the address of the company to which the sample letter should go, as well as all other necessary data. Attention: Deleting the italicized placeholders and instructions and send the letter to the insurance company, not to the Consumer!

Templates for the following four themes there Download the sample letters Insurance:

  • Post increase in private health insurance
  • Recalculation of a life insurance contract
  • Values ​​in the endowment policy
  • Cancellation of the insurance contract after the end of the third year of insurance

Template as opposition to increased contributions in private health insurance

Premium increases in the private health insurance for many privately insured just in old age to a serious problem. This raises the question of which road to a lower contribution there in private health insurance. With the template, the sender is requesting, among other things offers to switch to current plans with similar benefits. Another sample letter is dedicated to the recalculation of a life insurance contract. This is about surrender values ​​and paid-up insurance sums of life insurance.

Download sample letters Insurance PKVPKV sample letter: Conversion to current plans with similar benefits (Image: Consumer / Editorial)

Legally binding template for termination of insurance contracts

Useful is also the template to determine the levels in the endowment policy to obtain a current status message of your own life insurance. For those that want to cancel one of its insurance companies, uses the template to terminate the insurance contract after the end of the third year of insurance. This allows for a legally secure proper notice of insurance contracts. More sample letters and forms for free download includes our well-stocked software catalog.