save DriveNow hours Package Booking & in a long journey

The DriveNow hour packages are particularly suitable for longer trips with the car sharing service from BMW and Sixt. here's how you can save, packages booked and what they cost!

Actually DriveNow is particularly suitable for short distances in cities: After downloading the app DriveNow easily find the right car nearby, get in and quickly go to the event or the party Shopping home. But DriveNow has come up with a whole series of proposals, with those short trips or longer trips can also be booked cheap.

DriveNow hours Lunches: Ideal for travel between three and 24 hours

Overall, BMW and Sixt offer in four time options. However, the packages can not - like all other offers - via app, Internet or telephone are posted, but must be selected before driving off in the car.

DriveNow hour packagesDriveNow hour packages must be booked directly at the car.

From this point, running out of time, because the DriveNow hour packages can be moved only in one piece. So there is no time account which can be arbitrarily divided. All packages have a certain number of kilometers included depending on the selected time. Each additional kilometer then fails with 29 cents to book. If the booked time is exceeded, the cheapest standard tariff of 31 cents per minute will be charged. The package prices are independent of size and equipment for all models.

  • Three hours and 80 Kilometre: 29 euro
  • six hours and 120 Kilometre: 54 euro
  • nine hours and 200 Kilometre: 79 euro
  • 24 hours and 200 Kilometre: 109 euros

DriveNow hour packages costImages: DriveNow

Prepaid and austerity: The alternative for short trips

If the DriveNow hour packages be set too long, there are cheap alternatives that can save even on short hops. Alternatively, you can access an unlimited prepaid package, or a kind of subscription that is valid for 30 days and is automatically renewed without online notice for another 30 days.

  • Unlimited prepaid package: 500 minutes for 135 euros

In this package 200 kilometers per rental transaction are included. If within a rental period a longer distance to be driven, falling cost of 29 cents per kilometer.

  • Monthly 60 minutes for 16 Euro
  • Monthly 125 minutes for 32 Euro
  • Monthly 240 minutes for 60 Euro
  • Monthly 500 minutes for 120 Euro

Here, too, regardless of features and model prices for all cars of the provider apply.

Property Policies included in all packages

All packages the common costs such as insurance, gas or electricity and parking fees are included. More costs can therefore arise only in exceptional cases, for example by speeding ticket or defective customer card. However, an additional fee requires DriveNow for trips to points of interest such as:

  • the airports Berlin (Tegel and Schoenefeld), Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Dusseldorf and Vienna
  • and rides from Cologne to Dusseldorf (and vice versa), or Hilden / Gerresheim and after Neubiberg / Bavaria film city.

The costs vary here between three and twelve euros.