Anyone over a Google Play Store Server Error annoys experiences in the following step-by-step guide to what to do to create the annoying problem again from the world. For this now learn more and the Google Play Store errors quickly and easily fix!

Fix Google Play Store Server Error - how it's done!

The Google Play Store is known to supply Android smartphones and tablets with new apps and games quickly and easily. This usually works out to the Google Play Store Download completely without problems. However, it sometimes happens that the download the desired application fails or the Play Store does not open properly. Especially notorious are Google Play server error. Who wants to permanently eliminate these problems with the Play Store, should first reboot the device and also check whether the Internet really does work correctly.

Google Play Store Server ErrorFix Google Play Store Server Error: What can you do?

Solution 1: Delete Play Store update

Recommended for such problems is to clear the cache and app data when recently a Play Store update has been made is. If the latest update is responsible for the error, the user can also fairly straightforward to delete this again from your smartphone. The user opens the settings for this and chooses where applications and application manager. Now find the entry for the Google Play Store and tap on updates to uninstall. After that, the Play Store is restarted and the Google Play Store server error should be corrected, but if this was caused by the last update.

Google Play Store update server errorDelete latest Play Store update

reconfigure Google Account: Solution 2

If this approach is unsuccessful and the Google Play server error persists, the user should reconfigure their own Google account and log on to the Android device. Here, the way again into the settings where this time the point accounts and there Google is selected. Now, the Google Account can be seen, which is connected to the phone. This can be removed and re-added as an account. After restarting the Android device users to Google Play Store opens and then load the appropriate apps without a pesky Google Play store should run error.

Google Play server error as external interference

If, however, still carried a Google Play server error, it may also be due to a general disturbance to the Play Store servers. In this case, you should wait just until Google itself, the problem is eliminated. However, if no such external fault and fail all other approaches, the user can reset as a last resort the device to factory settings to eliminate the Google Play store server error. Before all important data should of course be reliably secured.