Rulers for printing 2023

Rulers for printing

At the Rulers for printing download says the program name for himself. According to measurement tools in different versions can be found here as PDF files, all of which can be via desktop printer on A4 paper output.

Rulers for printing Download: Paper Rulers expressed on A4

This also applies for the offered one and two-meter rulers that need to be printed, of course, in several pieces, and afterwards glued together. Some of the rulers to print limited to metric units, while others show both inches or feet and centimeters. Specifically, the following rulers are available for download here for printing: A-foot ruler, six-centimeter rulers on one side, six-centimeter / inch ruler on one side, nine centimeter rulers on one side, nine centimeters / inch rulers on one side, one meter ruler, one-meter ruler with centimeter and inch units, two-meter ruler with centimeters and inches units.

Rulers for printing downloadRulers for printing Download: one- and two-meter rulers

disable scaling option of the printer

Also can be found in the download area a link to the manufacturer’s website, can be downloaded from the other versions of the rulers for printing. watch for all papery measurement tools that when printing the scaling option of the printer must be disabled, otherwise the rulers come in the wrong size to the paper. An alternative: Who needs an individual custom-made, can also print a Bilck on paper ruler throw – a charge but with custom features.