Agario (

at Start users and small color cell and have to compete against players from around the world. The simple gameplay, combined with the unexpectedly high challenge provides, for the addictive. play: How to

Many round color cells float around the screen and eat each other. What sounds like an absurd and boring gameplay, proves to be a browser game with addictive.

The game was briefly under the name Mitosis: The Game is known and is based on simple evolutionary principles of biology. Each player starts as a small colored circle navigates across the screen using the mouse pointer or finger.

Hitting the Free-For-All mode to a smaller cell, that is eaten, and the mass of its own, and the score increases. If you ate in return of a larger cell, which means almost the death of the cell, and thus the end of the game. In team mode include cells of the same color into a group and being eaten each other.

Above a certain size, users can share their cell. These multicellular associations increase the chance of survival, as you can survive the loss of individual balls easily. Who is too large, however, loses its speed. This overfed cells can throw at the request some of their mass to be faster.

This mechanism is also suitable as a good protection against viruses. These are stationary balls with jagged membrane. Touches a cell size of more than 150 points this virus, it shatters into many small items. Paintballs below 130 points can however, hide under the dangerous circles.

Agario skins and settings

At the default setting of the game you see the colored dots with their name on a white background. However, the have given the players some freedom in the presentation.

In the settings, users can change before the start of a dark background. dark

The Agario skins cells of the players get their own special look. In return, users browse to the desired pre-programmed patterns and enter the name as their pitching one.

Players, where the colorful mess is too much, all the cells can easily show a pattern and gray. However, this option is extremely unfavorable in team mode. app in early development status

So far, there is the game only as a browser game. Since the game is the perfect pastime for Move, demand is growing for a mobile app According to the developer an initial concept is created for this moment, should be clarified in which questions to navigation and compatibility with small screens.