By using TrueType fonts can be in almost all Windows applications create barcodes and print. In the font selection of the program, the individual bar code types appear after the bar codes as TrueType fonts downloaded and installed as normal fonts.

Barcodes as TrueType fonts for download

The TTF fonts to add an easily into Windows text documents barcodes. Each printer installed in Windows can be used for printing of barcode fonts. The following codes are as a scanner-readable TTF fonts are available: Codabar (numbers only) and Bar Code 39 (numbers and letters) each as a human-readable version and a pure barcode. In series documents the user can assign each document its own bar code, for example, the customer number.

Barcodes as TrueType fonts download

use barcode fonts easily

The handling after Barcodes as TrueType fonts download is simple. Any text written with normal letters, which was created with a Windows font, so a typical TrueType font can in the two scanner readable fonts "code 39" and "Codabar" being transformed. The manufacturer points out that users who work with a word processor such as MS Word should make sure that the auto formatting is off. These formats a string that starts with an asterisk and the input ends automatically in bold. The result is therefore to 21356 21356 converted, making the scanner due to the lack of start and stop characters would not cope.

Choice of font size depends on the printer resolution

The required font size depends on the printer resolution. At a resolution of 300 dpi with font size 18 and a resolution of 600 dpi with font size 12, it should be no problem according to the manufacturer, the to read barcode by scanner. What is important here is that the gaps between the beams are still clearly visible.

Start and stop signs are needed in barcode fonts

With the font Codabar only numbers can be represented. So the bar code can be clearly identified with code 39 with a scanner, it must be through a Start or stop characters are marked indicating the reading direction. As start and stop characters each acts the character *. All letters, numbers and some special characters on the keyboard can be used in barcode fonts: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVW 1234567890 $% / + .-.

No difference between upper and lower case in the barcodes

Between upper and lower case did not differ in code. 39 The umlaut Ä Ö Ü and ß are automatically converted into AE, OE, and UE SS. The special characters! §&?; # @ Μ \ are actually off-limits, however, as a precaution as spaces. An example: If you want to tell the expression A TEST scanner, the result could use a test!. Additional fonts and barcode tools are available in our software catalog for free download.

Barcodes as TrueType fonts download barcodes