Birthday calendar printable 2023

Birthday calendar printable

Birthday calendar printable searched? We have to ensure that the birthdays of friends, relatives and colleagues got the perfect Excel template for you not so easily forgotten.

Birthday Calendar for printout: For other anniversaries and name days!

Nearly every now and then forget the birthday of dear friends, relatives or work colleagues or other important anniversaries and name days. This free Excel template ensures that birthdays, anniversaries or name days are always present.

All birthdays and anniversaries clearly on a sheet

With the Excel template with the title "Birthday calendar printable" the user has all the birthdays and anniversaries clearly on a sheet at hand. Just once birthdays or anniversaries enter, print the calendar and hang it on a suitable location such as the wall or the refrigerator – is already guaranteed that you see every day after that and every birthday remains in view.

Birthday calendar printableBirthday calendar to be printed: Enter birthdays and anniversaries and finished the survey! (Image: Timo mother)

fill template on a PC or print blank

The template birthday calendar to print shows the twelve months of the year from January to December. Each month is it 15 lines for entering the birthdays available. There are also columns for the date and the name of the birthday girl or birthday boy.

The template can be filled out on the computer or even "empty" be printed. If you prefer the latter, carries the birthdays and anniversaries easily by hand and missed the birthday calendar with different colored pens a personal touch.

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Birthday Calendar for Excel or OpenOffice

Birthdays template has no blade guard, so that it can fully adapt to the individual needs of the user at any time. It is a year-independent birthday calendar. So the calendar template contains neither date nor the week, so the calendar year to use for years

The Birthday Calendar is designed in .xlsx format and according to the manufacturer for MS Excel version of 2010. but the template is well-prepared also for example with OpenOffice Calc. More reminders and birthday Apps for free download includes our well-stocked software catalog.