VLC stream on Chromecast? How it works! 2023

VLC stream on Chromecast? How it works!

VLC and Chromecast: A dream team, to be in vain waiting with the official version of the media player for years. How to use without VLC 3.0 Chromecast, we revealed here!

These must first be downloaded VLC nightly builds. This is something like the beta version of the VLC media player. The nightly builds are almost daily updated, improved and bug fixed. However, users still need to increasingly expect crashes or malfunctions – at least as long as it has managed to VLC 3.0 on official release.

VLC ChromecastFinally you can connect VLC Chromecast and enjoy streaming even more. (Image: Google Inc./VideoLAN/Redaktion)

use VLC and Chromecast: Find it

Who decides, despite the still unstable software for download, will be rewarded with the opportunity to use VLC with Chromecast. Because Chromecast All thing not explicitly mentioned in the program, you go after the launch of Sofware as follows:

  • Start VLC Nightly Builds player and open the Tools option
  • Now click on the item renderer output or press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + R
  • In the local network Chromecast is displayed
  • Now all the media can be played on Chromecast

VLC ChromecastThese are the settings to use VLC with Chromecast. (Picture: gsmarena.com)

For these operating systems, the “Beta” is available

Similar to the official version, even VLC nightly builds available for multiple operating systems. At the moment, users can use the tool under these and then pair with Chromecast:

  corriente de VLC en Chromecast? Así funciona!
  • Windows (32 bits & 64 bits)
  • Mac OS
  • iOS
  • TVOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Universal Linux packages (Snap)
  • Android

The alternative stream the complete desktop

The Google Chrome browser offers the possibility of the complete desktop and to stream via VLC Chromecast. These streaming via Chrome must first be established:

  • Open the current version of Chrome
  • Computer and Chromecast device must be connected to the same network

Following the entire contents of the desktop can be streamed (theoretically this also works on Mac or Chrome OS – but without audio reproductions) on Windows. The following steps must be completed:

  • Click the Chrome browser the top right of the toolbar, the settings menu (behind the three dots)
  • Select the point or streaming Cast
  • In the window that opens, the small arrow next to the option to stream or cast to choose
  • Select the source (in this case the point stream / cast Desktop choose)
  • still set to the conclusion to be streamed to which Chromecast

VLC Chromecast via Desktop StreamingWith a browser-trick to VLC and Chromecast can be used. (Image: Google Inc./Redaktion)

the browser can now be minimized and the classic VLC player in the standard version to start. Who has not, the tool should be downloaded here VLC Media Player in the current and stable version. Select the desired medium, start the player, sit back and enjoy the program.