to use tricks and tools to WhatsApp incognito 2023

to use tricks and tools to WhatsApp incognito

Who WhatsApp incognito wants to use, must not fall so deep into their bag of tricks. We reveal the best tricks and what tools are most appropriate to chat anonymous future.

WhatsApp incognitolearn how to activate the incognito WhatsApp. (Fig. Pixabay / Editorial)

For while WhatsApp now has an end-to-end encryption, but nevertheless over glaring security holes. The reveal, for example, after downloading from What monitor. Whether it was blocked or the time stamp has been hidden: The tool records the second on exactly when the Messenger was used and simultaneously generates detailed usage statistics. And the completely legal and without Hack: Only because of negligence of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp incognito What MonitorWhat Monitor is a scary tool for monitoring WhatsApp activities. (Image: Max Globe / Editorial)

play it safe & be incognito at WhatsApp go

Who wants to protect his privacy, was supposed to change the Messenger app (kostenplfichtiger download) or the free download of the signal app access to applications such as threema. However – and have the problem probably many users: Most contacts are simply traveling on WhatsApp. At least to protect his privacy here in broad terms, one should adjust its privacy settings under the Settings option and the point account. Here, the Editors’ Choice:

  • last online: Nobody
  • professional image: My contacts
  • info: My contacts
  • statusMy contacts (except …)
  • read receipt: Deactivate

WhatsApp incognito privacy settingsThe privacy settings can boot up within the Messengers limited. (Screenshot: Editorial)

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However, despite these adjustments, you are not far from the WhatsApp incognito mode. For this you have to outsmart the Messenger.

Rescue of privacy with the flight mode

Who kept for reasons of data protection his online time on WhatsApp for themselves, or do not want to disable the read receipt (as in the case of the blue checkmark disabling this will not be displayed even in self-written and sent messages), may resort to a trick , This even works against espionage tools such as the ones mentioned above. Airplane mode is virtually the only way to use WhatsApp incognito. The steps are as follows:

  • open the menu of the mobile device via the shortcut and select the icon by plane here.
  • activate the flight mode and then open WhatsApp.
  • Now messages can be read, write (which are then however only sent when online again) check or profiles.
  • Following close WhatsApp and turn off the airplane mode.

This procedure protects against accidental disclosure of user data, because neither read feedback even timestamps are updated.

WhatsApp incognito flight modeThe safest option to be incognito on WhatsApp road is the flight mode. (Screenshot: Editorial)

The alternative: Agent Spy for WhatsApp

The download of Agent Spy for WhatsApp does basically nothing more to separate than WhatsApp from the Internet. So if you have no desire to ever again off its Internet connection and turn on again, the free tool can work for you. However, the application did not work during the trial period to one hundred percent, because a connection could not be established with WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp incognito with Agent Spy for WhatsAppAgent Spy for WhatsApp also severs the connection to the network and thus allows anonymous chat. (Picture: Algi Studio apps / Editorial)