BVB app

BVB app

At the official BVB app can not ignore real Dortmund fans definitely. The Android application celebrated his club and team sports in the highest degree, as the holiday mode displays. In addition, users can enjoy the latest news, the BVB-Fi in the stadium, activities from social networks as well as statistics, videos and Live Ticker.

BVB app: Everything a black and yellow heart needs

never miss a foul, training dates, Anpfiffe or gates. Thanks to the official app of Borussia Dortmund fans of the club are not only getting topinformiert but very close to it. This starts with the fact that one is displayed when you first start, how far is it just from the black and yellow temple. In addition, a wide variety of clever features ensure that no information passes by the real fan. What should not be missed no doubt, all the news and messages around the black-and-yellow jersey – cutting-edge course. The app brings the information in a comfortable view in which you well keeps track. Whether Champions League, Bundesliga and German Cup – all games, Scores, etc. can be detected at a glance. What the club and its players publish on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, the user gets presented in a compact stream. Even Instagram has been integrated into the app BVB.

BVB app

BVB game days are holidays

As game day are the only true weekdays not only for the team but especially for the fans, they were summarily renamed as holidays in the app. Whenever a game can take place of the Holiday mode activated, the starting 9:09 provides all important information on the entire day. Here, the app depends on where you follow just a game and provides appropriately prepared news, photos, statistics and posts. Anyone who follows a model in the stadium the game, can now also use the BVB-Fi.

BVB App Holidays

Soccer app with live ticker and Extras

All messages that enter the BVB app, the user can also set up a push notification to get all the news firsthand. In addition, the application has a live ticker, which allows you to track the move games easily. Who is interested in all the trappings, will be pleased with more information like constellations, highlights of a game as well as previews and reviews. All games and practice times are also clearly displayed on a calendar.

BVB app Calendar

Furthermore, the user can read player Stories and travel through the cabin of the BVB Android application to the official fan pages of the players. Compared to other sports software downloads the app convinced with another advantage: It provides a large pool of video material that can be used freely.

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