Play money to print

Play money to print

Who a Play money Download searches will find it at the Bundesbank. This has officially published for schools and educational institutions play money to print.

Play money Download in PDF format: Calculating money and play money to print

The PDF file entitled "My Euro games and money of account" contains eight pages a large number of printable coins and banknotes. These clearly show children and young people which euro banknotes and euro and cent coins there. The PDF playmoney templates also offer the option of printing the euro notes and euro coins, to learn in order to play and to be expected.

Play money DownloadPlay money Download with material to learn, play, and arithmetic (Image: Screenshot Editor)

Additional worksheets and Euro-posters in PDF format

To the "My Euro games and money of account" additional worksheets in pdf format are available. The worksheets collection includes 16 pages and covers the following topics: Appearance of euro notes and coins, value of euro notes and coins, the euro countries and the Bundesbank. Among other things, the children are the banknotes and coins to paint with the right colors, change money or shopping with the euro.

The Bundesbank also provides a chic poster entitled "The euro and the euro countries" ready to meet the child presents the design of euro coins of all euro countries, the euro notes and a map of the euro area countries.

Play money Download PosterPosters with the M├╝nzmotiven all euro countries and the euro banknotes (Image: Screenshot Editor)

Calculating money and play money for printing

Another calculation money and play money for printing is available from, including EX-Euros with five exotic euro notes, which can be supplemented by the user on the PC with short texts. The Euro crate for Kids contains a PDF file containing eight euros images that can be provided with their own terms. Also provides the play money providers euro candles euro stamps and Euro-Minions in PDF format to play and arithmetic.

Play money Download PDF euro billsPDF-euro notes from (Image: Screenshot Editor)

Printable euro bills with lots of great designs

Four other printable PDF euro bills collections are provided with stick figures, concepts, eyes and slips. There are also comic Euros, crack-euro bills and euro notes with zipper. Especially nice are the 24 Smilie Euro bills with terms such as Thank voucher or congratulation.

All PDF collections of the euro banknotes are released for home use by the authors in PDF format for free download. More about general education there is available for download in our versatile database.