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Who a Receipt template download searched for Excel has the digital receipt block by Timo mother the right help and a proper receipt management at hand.

Receipt template download: fill receipts, manage and print

After ยง368 BGB is confirmed with a receipt the receipt or the provision of goods or services. Those who sell a used item or buying, a receipt should draw up or received as a confirmation of the payment made. According to legal regulation receipts be issued up to an amount of 150 euros. If the purchase price exceeds this value, a proper invoice for duty.

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What must contain a proper receipt?

On this, the net price, total price, an indication of VAT, the amount written out in words and address and the name of the recipient and the exhibitor stated. Also, the date, place and signature shall also be mentioned. The acknowledgment pattern ensures that issued receipts contain all required components. The user can print the blank PDF receipt and then fill them by hand. For this purpose, the receipt template, in PDF format is pretty good.

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Receipt management as an Excel template

In addition comes after the receipt template, download a receipt template in Excel format ready so that they can be filled out directly on the PC with the appropriate data. Moreover, in the Excel acknowledge proper receipt management on board. Anyone who exhibits regularly receipts and want to keep an overview of the receipts were for example, last month or last year for what and to whom issued, can track the digital receipt block all processes fairly well.

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The receipt printing always creates two receipts with the same content

In the receipt management of user clicks on the worksheet Overview receipts and inputs all necessary data. VAT may be given as needed and changed. For Germany, there are currently 19 percent, for the Switzerland 8 percent and Austria 20 percent. When specifying the currency are EUR, CHF and USD are available. There are always created two receipts with the same content in receipt printing, one for the seller or creditor and one for the buyer and borrower. More templates and forms for free download includes our well-stocked software catalog.

DangerThe spreadsheet receipt is protected with a sheet protection password so that no formulas being accidentally erased. The password to lift the blade guard is: "receipt",