Of the FreeMyPDF download exempt individual PDF documents from unwanted limitations when editing. With the free Web App the user removes annoying security settings in your own documents, which make it difficult to copy the text or to edit and print the PDF files or prevent.

free PDFs of limitations: FreeMyPDF Download

The FreeMyPDF download makes its own Adobe Reader documents that have been provided with such restrictions accidentally or intentionally, again unprotected PDFs. To the user simply has to load each PDF document on the website FreeMyPDF high. Within a few seconds, a dialog window opens to download the unprotected PDF. The free usable Web App had set a limit of 150 megabytes with the PDF documents for a long time and recently issued a supplement of an additional 50 MB. So meanwhile, documents up to a size of 200 megabytes be shipped and charged.

FreeMyPDF download

Unprotected PDF file is available after a short wait

The operation of FreeMyPDF is extremely simple. The user clicks on Choose a file to unlock Browse and loads the respective PDF file from your hard drive to FreeMyPDF. After clicking on the DoIt button and a short wait, he can then download the decrypted file again immediately. In this way quick and easy to handle the annoying Write protecting own PDF documents and can even protected data back easily edit or print.

FreeMyPDF download operation

FreeMyPDF does not allow batch processing

The treated FreeMyPDF PDFs are not subject to more restrictions. The user can copy the PDF again any segments of text, edit form fields or print the entire document. However, the Web app offers the possibility to relieve multiple documents at once by editing restrictions. It can only a single file be uploaded to the web service.

handle copying and printing restrictions

With the free Web app FreeMyPDF the user bypasses a few steps annoying requirements such as write protection or copy and print restrictions. However FreeMyPDF makes an important exception: documents that prohibit the display of a PDF from the outset with a password, the assistant for legal reasons scans not.

FreeMyPDF is not a cracking tool

The manufacturer explicitly points out that it is the FreeMyPDF download not a cracking tool and the Service may not be used for illegal purposes not. Rather, it’s all about your own PDF documents when they create or edit something has gone wrong and where accidentally copying text or printing the document are locked on the security settings, for example.