With the AbyssRium Cheat unlock hidden fish?

With the AbyssRium Cheat unlock hidden fish?

functioning AbyssRium Cheat searched? up gems harp seal and Geisterwal can really free dusting? We have tested and the best tips for the perfect aquarium.

The download of the app AbyssRium was believed to be secret. The Indie Game to a lone Koraliten and numerous species of fish convinces with a balanced gameplay and a charming graphics.

Income Samer AbyssRium cheat or rip off?

Whoever finds promise numerous download options or codes that unlimited access to precious or rare species of fish in the net after a AbyssRium cheat. However, these rates are ineffective at best; in the worst case there are viruses or spy tools on smartphones. There are currently no working cheat AbyssRium, with which you can expand its aquarium. But there are a few tips and tricks to move forward much faster.

AbyssRium CheatOne of numerous alleged AbyssRium cheats.

1. Finding the right strategy

In order to reach as quickly as possible to a filled aquarium, it is important to develop the perfect strategy. This needs to be adjusted in the course of the game and depends on the following factors:

  • What successes can be achieved most quickly and what reward for this?
  • What I need to do to unlock new fish species? (Which Coral do I need? How many fish of a particular species must be pre-purchased?)
  • I spend a lot of time with the game, then I should rather upgrade the lonely Koraliten than investing in algae. Once you start the game only once or twice a day, algae are the more rewarding option. In any case, the level should be achieved 500 as a first goal, because it is a whole series of important functions such as Song of the Moon will be released and the vitality of production significantly increased.
  • The skills such as volcanic eruption, Song of the Moon or Delicious food should be used simultaneously, as this increases vitality production remarkable.
  • Although Song of the Moon and volcanic eruption activated states: Typing, there’s no tomorrow, because one can use to increase the vitality of production twice.

2. Activate Secret Missions

Completing success brings a lot of gems, but also an increase in vitality production with them. Hidden behind the small cup at the top menu, the list of compulsory courses and tasks for reward available place. However, there are hidden challenges that provide more diamonds. When you open the menu item successes can be found at the bottom of the icon of an hourglass. Here there are more missions that must be met within a certain time – there are significant rewards.

AbyssRium Cheat missionsIn addition to the normal missions, there are also time-limited challenges in AbyssRium app.

3. Optimize the proper ability

The main menu various booster, which can be optimized according to their activation with diamonds found. Depending on which type of game you are, you should activate the appropriate skills or artifacts and upgrade:

  • Volcanic eruption: For five minutes is automatically typed ten times per second. For those who want fast points and playing regularly.
  • Delicious food: Creates immediately 5000 times more vitality per tip. Point Booster, which is less productive, however, in relation to the volcanic eruption and Song of the Moon.
  • Song of the Moon: Increases for five minutes any productivity by 500 percent. Is particularly beneficial in combination with the volcanic eruption and is suitable for regular players.
  • Remains of the Nautilus: Automatic Tap per minute. This artifact should be quickly released from tip lazy players and promoted.
  • Mystic Shell: 100 percent increase vitality per tip. With each upgrade, the bonus increases by 10 percent. Suitable for frequent players and duration Tipper.
  • Glowing Shell: All abilities charge to five percent faster. This option is only worthwhile for continuous gamblers or players who open the app AbyssRium at short intervals.

4. look Advertising

An elegant way to quickly free diamonds and boost its skills faster, watching advertising. AbyssRium has the integration of advertising in mobile freemium games almost perfected. Advertising is only when the player selects them actively – the game is thus not interrupted by annoying clips. And reputation worth in two ways: On the one hand directly receive a hefty sum in diamonds, can use his skills again in a timely manner or obtain vitality points. On the other hand, there is both a part of the challenges and some of the secret missions from watching commercials, the rinse addition diamonds on the account.

5. take pictures

While building his aquarium by little, you should – whenever it suits – take a picture, for there are not only premium currency and vitality points aplenty, but you can also unlock secret fish species if you knippst its underwater world diligently. How do you find more hidden AbyssRium fish without AbyssRium cheat, betray our products.