Job reference pattern

Job reference pattern

Of the Arbeitszeugnis pattern Download provides a template for a perfect job reference in Word format. At this, applicants can base their own job reference.

Arbeitszeugnis pattern Download: Good orientation in the bottom of HR-phrases

The job reference applies to personnel managers as the key to a successful application. Therefore, workers should always be to issue a detailed testimony, even if it is only for internships. It pays to read the own testimony carefully and to improve critical points so that they do not result in a subsequent application to misunderstandings and to the detriment of the applicant.

Job reference template as an example for their own rating

The job board Staufenbiel offers with the job reference pattern Download an exemplary job reference template as an example for the review here. Each letter of reference is of course written individually, but some typical formulations have prevailed, which can be used quite well by default. The pattern-job reference initially contains the name, date of birth, period of employment and the position of employees. The following is a brief description of the company. Here, the company introduces briefly describing their own industry and its products. It is particularly important, of course, the subsequent description of the responsibilities and tasks of the employees. The job description in your resume should correspond to those on the certificate.

Sample job reference with optimal performance appraisal

Following is the performance review, which should take the workers particularly critical eye. HR managers hide here like really positive or at least neutral-sounding formulations from which, however, "translated" can be read negative performance. Therefore, it pays to check what is really behind the various formulations at the performance review. Optimal formulations as "His performances have found our full recognition in all respects". "He always worked reliably and accurately “or "She has mostly exceeded agreed targets, even under the most difficult conditions. “

Arbeitszeugnis pattern DownloadArbeitszeugnis pattern download as an example for their own rating

At best, adequate formulations as "He lived up to our expectations “or "She did allocated tasks to our satisfaction" to understand. Phrases are defective as "He met the requirements in general" or "They pointed to the manual hard work and ambition" to understand. Perfect failure is secretly placed under a dealing, for example, if the following should be read in job reference: "He has tried their best to provide the services that we have to ask at this workplace" or "She was committed to reliable operation" and "He showed his work understanding and interest “.

Top formulations social behavior in the sample job reference

The wording in the letter of reference for social behavior should write a detailed examination subjected werden.Wenn the recruiter in job reference, "He was renowned for its friendly character and his collegial attitude in managers and employees can be very satisfied with the judgment. ” Poor to devastating, however, are words such as "He was always ready to have a good relationship with colleagues and superiors" or "She had her staff a far better ratio than to their superiors", At the end of the work certificate profile regret, thanks and wishes for the future are expressed in a final formulation or.