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The MMORPG Aion lives from the eternal opposition between light and darkness. these two sides are represented by the peoples of the Elyos and Asmodian, between which the battle for supremacy in the world of Atreia is raging.

learn the Aion Download Fly

The online fantasy role-playing game published in 2008 in Korea and has already held a year later moving into Europe. Since the Karlsruhe gaming operator Gameforge 2012 took the reins in his hand, the game is available as a free-to-play. Since then, the Aion download – in which the dream of flying come true – for free.

Aion download

The stage of role-playing is the world Atreia, in the three completely diverse peoples face each other. On one side are the Elyos, beautiful creatures with wings, who walk under the sun and a life without worries delight. In contrast are the vigorous and courageous Asmodian, eke out a meager existence in eternal darkness. No wonder then that flourish under these conditions hatred and resentment. As if that was not enough sown violence Atreia is also claimed by the Balaur. The dragon-like creatures lined up as a non-playable race in addition to battle for supremacy of the fantasy world – of course, with the goal as difficult as possible to make the Elyos and Asmodians life …

Create individual character before immersion in the role play

Before you can plunge into the fight for Atreia, a character must first be created after the Aion download. Here, the gamer between the two factions Elyos and Asmodians can choose. The free-to-play role-playing game is providing a powerful character editor that countless options for designing the rollers holds. If the choice is made to light or darkness, gender and then set a primary class of the figure. The class gets throughout the game even further specialization. You can choose from include: Warrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, engineer or artist. The last two classes were introduced in version 4.5. Moreover outfit, hairstyle and wings can be set. Anyone who wants can actually spend several days with the visualization of the character. So shape and size of all body parts can be started from the chin durchkonzipiert up to the shape of the eyebrows. Here Aion-makers create a detail Love the day that one hardly knows of other elaborate role-playing games for free download. Even classics like World of Warcraft can learn a lot in this regard yet.

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Aion Download Graphics

Aion brings many dangers, beautiful graphics & PvP

Is the character created, the adventure can finally begin. wait thousands of quests and adventures waiting to be solved. All opponents and dark creatures have fought purchased items and teams and equipment to be increased. In this way, you get not only deeper and deeper into the fantastic world of Atreia, but also increases in the level ladder higher and higher. From level 10 one gets Daevas status otherwise. This means, flying is added as another mode of transportation. From now on, the impressive world of Aion can be considered also from the air, eye candy and fun included. Ordeal:Although the download of Aion is one of the multiplayer games. But until you actually can compete against other players, you have to practice a little patience or diligence. First From level 25 are fighting with other players possible. This means that even the formation of guilds is only at that time part of the game.

Aion PvP Download

Solid MMORPG fulfilled dream of flying At first glance, Aion actually has what one expects anything from a PvP RPG. However, at second glance it is almost a work towards two specific things: flying and multi-player function in Level 25. The quests along the way are sometimes a bit tiring – the enchanting graphics at all, however. So if you do not mind to work to overcome some level alone, will get their money in the role play in any case. And who himself always wanted to swing the wing – must risk definitely worth a look.

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