WhatsApp Smileys Android

WhatsApp Smileys Android

With the mobile app WhatsApp Smileys Android available to the user significantly more emoticons available. Smileys frequently used can be saved as favorites and access them more quickly in this way it. In addition, you can provide the smileys with captions.

WhatsApp Smileys Android expands Emoji available on smartphones

A smiley is worth a thousand words! In chat and messenger programs Smileys are long established, even at the popular messenger service WhatsApp. By default, the program is already equipped with a very large number of emoji. If that is not enough, which can be retrofitted with the mobile app WhatsApp Smileys Android. The application includes not only smileys, but also memes and icons such as the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Colosseum in Rome or the face of Super Mario. Order to be equipped for every situation with the right Emoji.

WhatsApp Smileys Android

Operating the Smiley app for Android

With WhatsApp Smiley app you increase the range of emoticons, winks and emoji that you can send to contacts with little effort. The app is installed quickly and automatically integrates with WhatsApp. After successfully installing a big smiley face appears on top of the screen. Handling is therefore very simple. To send an emoji, simply touching it Smiley. Then the application WhatsApp Smileys Android opens and you can choose a smiley face. Within the app not only smileys, but also other emoji are available.

The Emojis the smiley app are divided in the main menu into different categories. The following categories, there are:
* Smiley
* Sticker
* Memes
* Icon
* Animals
* love
* faces

WhatsApp Smileys emoticons Android

Smiley Categories

In the category of stickers to find, for example Sticker by candles, gifts, a guitar or a shopping cart. In the category icons to find the face of Super Mario, a stroller, a car, a pyramid and many other icons more. With one click you can send smileys without obligation by WhatsApp. Basically, you can also send other messengers and services the images of WhatsApp Smileys app though. Practically, the list of favorites that you can create yourself. In this way, you will find the favorite emoji much faster.