Caution: WhatsApp spam disguised as group chat!

Caution: WhatsApp spam disguised as group chat!

Recently, increasingly annoying WhatsApp spam in circulation that are disguised as group chats. Now more and unmask annoying spammers! Owners of smartphones WhatsApp can download for Android and get a widespread Messenger on their mobile device. Chat nonstop – individually and in group chats. Unfortunately now have spammers discovered the popular communication tool in itself.

WhatsApp spam relies on a group chat round

Recently, some users of the Messengers received increased invitations to group chat. Often it is unclear how the spammer has come to your telephone number, because these groups are justified by unknown and often have a large number of participants. The name of the conversation is sometimes misleading in others, it ensures curiosity and encourages reading.

WhatsApp spam group chatYou have discovered annoying spam as WhatsApp group? This can you do. (Image: Screenshot WhatsApp / Editorial)

The aim of the groups or ads is not always immediately apparent. Sometimes a related link or the advertising message is sent in WhatsApp chain letter hidden inside the spam group. The spam often serves exclusively the amusement of the organizers, who like to spread messages abstruse and simply want to allow a fun with friends and strangers. Recipients of such invitations should leave the group immediately and block the sender. Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not allow preventive blocking all unknown contacts that are not in the address book.

WhatsApp spam groups provide data leak

What some jokers regarded as harmless joke is for real spammers a great success, because the group chat, the phone numbers of all participants are visible. Also former members of the group can be in the chat history thanks to the notification “XY has the group leaving” track. Who has already been invited to a questionable group be reckoned with thanks to a snowball effect with more WhatsApp spam.

leave WhatsApp spam group chat(Image: Screenshot WhatsApp / Editorial)

Spam: From e-mail via SMS to WhatsApp

He exists as long as the Internet – digital spam. The annoying advertising made with dubious offers for a huge e-mail mailboxes that could filter out the annoying ads until more and better algorithms and banished from the input folder. With proliferation of cell phones, there was then heaped on spam SMS messages until they have been advanced through legal decision a latch. Now the mobile Messenger of promoting questionable advertising seems to serve. With over 700 million users of the communication service is a worthwhile playground for masse sent offers.

Spam began as WhatsApp chain letter

Previously, spammers were limited to mass messages. In WhatsApp chain letter was referred to a link to the sweepstakes. Recipients should refer this message to all accounts in the address book in order to get hold of the supposedly attractive price. Alternatively, individual messages were sent en masse with copied offerings. In most cases, cheap brand products are touted as frequent urge unknown beauties on the call.

WhatsApp spam group chat call(Image: Screenshot WhatsApp / Editorial)

The end of 2014, the service has announced account lockouts against WhatsApp proceed spammers. Now, group invitations instead masse copied messages are sent to individual users to bypass the chain letter scheme.