Especially when family or roommates again block the television, is the urge to turn on the PS4 and playing the latest game but tend to be greatest. But you can thanks to a special version of PS4 Remote Play Android-supply units with the game-streaming and so can quite comfortably on your smartphone or tablet to play - even via controller. Your only needs the PS4 Remote Play app.

PS4 Remote Play AndroidIt can be quite PS4 Remote Play use on Android - not only on the Sony Xperia. (Picture: editorial)

PS4 Remote Play Android Sony or Sony?

Many, who has already dealt with the issue, wondering now determines the coupling between PS4 and smartphone works - and then also with Controller - really only on Sony's own devices, namely Xperia devices.

The problem in fact: The official app from the Play Store only works on those same devices. But there is one unofficially for all other Android Phones ported version of the program. And in turn, you will receive, as well as the original Sony version, free of charge here.

Controller connect: save frustration!

But now we face a new problem: The controller will not connect through the app with the device itself. But here's a small workaround. Before you start the app, you connect the PS4 controller easily via Bluetooth with your phone or tablet. It works like this:

  1. Starts Your PS4 system as usual from the console to the TV and opens the settings.
  2. Scroll down to the "Device" and select "Bluetooth devices".
  3. In the next screen you all Bluetooth devices are displayed, which had previously been connected to the system. As a rule, these are your controller.
  4. Selects the active controllers and switches it off on the next screen - because you want it so now connect with your smartphone or tablet. The PlayStation must remain switched on.
  5. Then you connect the controller to the device. For this you have to the Share button and the Home Butten at the same time for about five seconds hold. The LED starts to flash white when you have reached the pairing mode.
  6. now Take your Android device and turns on Bluetooth. Then you can scan for new devices.
  7. the "Wireless Controller" appears, your typed on the entry, so that both devices are connected. You can now, for example, have your Android games to play with the controller.
  8. Next, you load you the PS4 Remote Play app for Android devices and installs them. then follow the instructions and you can get started.

connect PS4 Remote Play Android PS4The PS4 can be connected via the modified app to the Android tool. (Picture: PS4 Remote Play Port App)

Note: The point to connect your smartphone or tablet with the controller, you can leave out in this case. This does not work on the app as I said anyway. And besides, you've already connected via Bluetooth with your device the controller.

Incidentally, you get also displayed a virtual controller on the screen that you can use. Depending on whether your edge device or cross-hold, this virtual controller has a black background and appears semi-transparent border directly on the game screen. This can be quite inconvenient for various games where you have to keep the environment in mind, as you have at least one finger on the screen again and again.

For this reason, it is quite a practical matter, to connect the controller via Bluetooth with the device, so that you can enjoy at least half the full PS4 Remote Play Android.

The problem of the matter is as mentioned the lag that results from the Bluetooth connection between the device and controller. In some games where it does not depend on fast precision, but you can certainly ignore it.