Siri does not work? For example, Siri can be activated

Siri does not work? We reveal what the user can do if "Hey Siri" as a virtual assistant on your own iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is no longer willing to talk or preparing other problems. More Siri activate below!

Siri stopped working since updating to iOS 9?

Communication with Siri can be quite handy, for example, to find directions, to answer questions, to make calls to reserve a table in the restaurant and much more. Just after the update from iOS 7 for iPhone download or iOS 8 to iOS 9 however, it happens unfortunately often that Siri does not work anymore without you made itself changes. The user should first check the Siri settings in this case.

Siri again activate in the settings

Siri has there under iOS 9 again be activated because the function Hey Siri was switched off automatically after updating to iOS. 9 To put Siri back on track, the user opens the Settings app, where General and Siri. The assistant can be turned on by switching contacts fairly straightforward again now. A few predefined commands are needed to make Siri reacquainted with their own voice and to prevent the virtual assistant responds to other voices. Once the settings have been checked and changed, it may be useful to enable to launch the new iPhone or iPad after Siri.

Siri does not workSiri does not work? We show the causes and solutions. (Photo: Apple / Editorial)

Access for Siri must be allowed in the off state

If Hey Siri was already activated in the settings, but still does not work, the user should check to see if really all system requirements are met. Siri takes at least iOS 8. Therefore, the assistant can not be used with devices that are still running under iOS. 7 Must also - except for the iPhone 6S - an external power supply to be available and the access be allowed for Siri in the off state. The latter, the user enters in the settings for Touch ID & Code-free and activated Siri under "allow the blocking state",

Is on the sound and the wireless connection active?

Another tip: If Siri responded, but no longer responds, simply check first see if the sound is turned audible. Sometimes it is also quite simply a network problem when Siri asks a little later to try again. In this case, the user should check the Internet connection. However, there may be problems on the other side, despite good own wireless connection when Siri tries to access the Apple server. If an overload or a fault is present there, it can also be for Siri does not issue come.

ask Siri language test basis in English

If Siri continues to refuse to communicate persistent, the user should again open the settings and make there the Siri language test as in English. If it works well, it is very likely that this is a bug that occurs on some devices and is eliminated in an early iOS update.