Weather Online App 2023

Weather Online App

With the Weather Online App it does not stand in the rain! The free weather app says the outlook for different locations requires precise. Users receive an hourly accurate forecast including temperature indication and rain likely.

Umbrella or T-shirt? Sturdy shoes or sandals? Weather plays so sometimes crazy, also in Germany and particularly in April. Who can ever know what he had to dress the next day? The Weather Online app can not make infallible predictions weeks in advance, but the weather conditions are simply subject to many unpredictable variables.

Nevertheless, it is possible to answer some more reliable by using the weather app Online the question “umbrella or T-shirt,” because the app displays an hour detailed weather forecast.

Weather Online app stores various locations

At the very first time you open the Weather app online queries the user’s location. Of course, you can enter not only a location, whether the current location or the location of the home base. In this way, you can learn enough in advance about the weather the next vacation spot and adapt in this way the baggage accordingly and thus ultimately also protect your wallet and the environment as sufficient. New locations or destinations can be entered at the magnifying glass icon at the top right. Also from the main menu to enter new locations is possible under the “My Places”.

Weather Online App

Weather app with integrated map

The upper half of the start screen of weather Online Android is almost completely occupied by a map of the selected location. One’s position is highlighted in the map with a red pin, including hours are accurate weather forecasts for the current day. The displayed weather information include, among others, the day maximum temperature as well as the chance of rain in a percentage. A click or finger swipe to the hours Accurate weather reveals yet more information. So you can bring the wind speed or wind direction in experience, for example.

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In the bottom of the Home screen of the Weather Online app gives a forecast for the coming days. By clicking on a particular day, you get more detailed weather information for the selected day. This includes, for example, the estimated daytime maximum temperature, but also the minimum temperature. Receive the estimated duration of the solar time, the probability of rain, the rain spray amount, wind speed and the time of sunrise and sunset is also. Other additional offers and services available to the user, among other things on the main menu available. These include a more detailed Doppler radar, weather radar, weather news and much more.