clickomania 2023


With the clickomania download is a variation of the popular game Tetris to the PC. The Klickomanie is not as hectic as the Russian granddaddy it just is at higher levels of play – simple click of pure amusement games can here but still no question. This tricky puzzle game requires from the beginning of foresight and careful planning.

The gameplay of the Clickomania Download

To explain how to play free clickomania can we relate best on Tetris. There, the pieces will fall down one by one and it is important to place it by rotating and shifting so that more stones of the same color form a row. Which then disappears from the board. Clickomania Classic works the other way around: The field is full of colorful jumbled stones. Where pieces of the same color adjacent to each other, they can be made to rupture by clicking and then dissolve. For those who prefer the ideas, here is another free downloads on Tetris & Co.

clickomania download

All the stones above it slip down. Tricky in this case: If a vertical line completely dissolved, the stones slide and on the horizontal plane, ie from left to right or vice versa, according to. In the following video clip can be not necessarily a lot to learn in terms of perfect game control, but, however, the basic gameplay is quite clear.

Puzzle Game Download Advanced

Although the puzzle is tricky even in the basic setting, experienced puzzle gamers will probably have the standard field of 16 x 10 squares with five different tile colors after a while under control. However, the Clickomania Classic Download much more. About the settings dialog are a lot of options that can make the Puzzle Game still clearly challenging.

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Clickomania Download Options

Up to 40 x 40 tiles in 15 colors increase the difficulty level ever clear, in addition to special bricks can be activated and on top of that switch a time limit for the next turn. While this can be up to 999 seconds, but also at some point over. And 1,600 tokens planning of future moves may take quite a while.

Clickomania download large game

Challenging puzzle game with good opportunities Despite the advanced age of the ties Puzzle Download Clickomania Classic also far beyond the turn of the century by a great game idea not only for Tetris fans who just can not see the game after four million rounds. Besides the good game itself CM scores the way with customizable wallpaper, leaderboard and a function for canceling of moves – even if you first have to click away a fraud alert for this. Not to mention the switchable scoring for variety. This ensures that you have to reach as many points instead of the minimum score, which you in turn achieved by clicking away the largest possible sets of tiles. In short, a really olles minigame with long fun guaranteed. And who invented it?