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CONTACT player

With free CONTACT Player Download get users a powerful sample player based on the Native Instruments KONTAKT engine, at hand. With the composition tool for amateur and professional musicians, numerous free sounds for CONTACT let in Cubase & use Co..

My Music compose the KONTAKT Player Download

The KONTAKT Player Download offers individually designed interface for each instrument or group of instruments. In these musicians can make the relevant settings for the instrument. The free Musicians software opens up an ever-growing arsenal of innovative instruments that are not subject to the limitations of previous sample-based sound production. In plain English: Although not all parameters of CONTACT patches available, but selected parameters can be influenced via the CONTACT player.

CONTACT Player Download

Two different versions of the software sampler

The software sampler is available in two different versions, the free KONTAKT 5 player and the full version CONTACT 5. Both versions can be deployed as stand-alone application or via various interfaces as a plug-in use in the popular digital audio workstations (DAW).

In KONTAKT Player 50 instruments are included

To compare the two versions: the free KONTAKT Player 50 instruments are included plus 500 megabytes of sound library. The paid version, however, includes 1,000 instruments and over 43 gigabytes of sounds. Both support playing "Powered by CONTACT"Instruments and tools from third parties. Together freeware and professional version of which was the manufacturer of features the Quick Search and the Performance View for each instrument of the KONTAKT 5 Player Library and automation and Total Recall in each host program.

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Many features only 15 minutes as a demo

The list of restrictions is much longer, unfortunately: CONTACT player does not support unlicensed libraries. The instruments editing, the Wave Editor and the tools for intuitive looping, slicing and editing, as well as the integrated sample editor, the Kontakt Script Processor editing and Universal Import of all common sample formats are unfortunately only 15 minutes applicable in demo mode. Over 19 high-end effects and 39 high-quality filter the musicians are available only in the demo quarter of an hour and in the Master Section.

CONTACT Factory Selection provides patches and samples

Users of older systems have to resort to the older version. 4 Which is found next to the current version in the download area. In addition to the KONTAKT Player CONTACT Factory Selection is available with numerous free contact patches and samples. Those looking for more free tools for musicians, will find in our extensive download catalog.

CONTACT Player Download Samples

sounds & Samples mix with the KONTAKT Player With the free music composition tool CONTACT players can create their own music musicians. However, the free version is very lightened and the field of application therefore extremely limited. The editing functions of the freeware are disabled and most samples turn out rather than limited demos. In addition, the music lover fails because import the composed pieces in music collections.