So there's free diamonds without Hay Day Cheats 2023

So there’s free diamonds without Hay Day Cheats

Lie and cheat: Many developers build that opportunity with one in their games. But there are also Hay Day Cheats? To anticipate the same: Yes, there is certainly – but they are not recommended. Still, there are ways and means also to come and without in-app purchases to the premium currency to be really successful in the Hay Day for Android app.

Hay Day CheatsSo there’s free diamonds without Hay Day Cheats! (Image: Supercell)

Hay Day cheats are not safe

Everyone probably knows more Farmville. But smartphones are relatively easy knitted Farmer games are very popular. One that stands for years at the top is, Hay Day Finnish game developer Supercell.

Whether there is Hay Day cheat codes that allow you to – but unererlaubterweise – can provide some benefits, but ask yourself a number of users of the popular free-to-play game. Often the opportunity for cheating intentionally hidden from the game developers in single player games will be installed to make the game more interesting. Typically, this is – but frowned upon – in addition to the developer especially within the gaming community. The latter also applies Hay Day. Although the Internet are circulating again downloads with whom you cheat alleged and Hay Day hack, but the danger of contaminating the cell phone or computer with viruses and other threats, is too high, so that these Hay Day Cheats absolutely inadvisable is. In addition, the game with cheats is definitely lost very quickly. And what then uses a game yet?

Nevertheless, there are a number of tips & Tricks that you can gain cheat similar benefits.

  Dus er is gratis diamanten zonder Hay Day Cheats

Hay Day cheat codes(Image: Supercell)

Hay Day is financed by premium Currencies

The reason why there are no cheat codes at Hay Day, although they are so popular in the gaming community yet and installed by the game developers sometimes intentionally, is obvious: Hay Day is a free-to-play game. Like all free games it is financed through the sale of so-called premium currency that can be obtained from in-app purchases of the players. In this case, these are the Hay Day diamonds. These diamonds can be used for many different things, for example, to shorten the waiting time in construction of buildings or to progress in general faster in the game. Even without cheat codes, there are two possibilities, without reaching diamonds in-app purchases:

  1. In the treasure chests that you get every now and then randomly at Hay Day, also diamonds can be located. However, much more common than diamonds are located in the Hay Day treasure chests other items such as building materials, you can also use well.

  2. Hard work is worth it! Who executes the various tasks in the game properly, the success can be remunerated not only by money and building materials. Every now and then is a diamond there.

Apart from these two options to get to diamonds without Hay Day cheats, there are of course to get on in-app purchases to the premium currency option. The prices for this vary, but the cost of a small package diamonds are still negligible in comparison to a new computer or smart phone, which you may need to buy quite himself after downloading a dubious cheats.