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Snipping Tool XP

The free Snipping Tool XP holds freely chosen content on the desktop. The screenshot program was inspired by Microsoft’s eponymous screen capture tool and has built an upload function for graphics to the picture service ImageShack. In addition, it can cut the snapshots and edit.

Snipping Tool XP download for desktop snapshots on XP

The so-called "Snipping tool" came with the introduction of Vista to Windows machines. From then settled with the Windows own board means with a single click generate any snapshots of selected lines or entire windows. The Snipping Tool XP download ensures that this rather popular of the Windows users comfort function can be easily retrofitted in Windows XP and older operating systems.

Snipping Tool XP Download

save partial cut or full screen image as a photo

Snipping Tool XP offers many of the known Windows Vista and 7 functions of the screenshot program on older versions of Windows. Users can, optionally, a partially cut or Hold entire screen contents as a photo in BMP, PNG or JPG format. To share graphics with others in the network, the captured images are transmitted to the integrated uploader to the image-hosting ImageShack.

postprocess brightness and intensity of the image

The operation of the small screen capture tool is quite simple. After this Snipping Tool XP Download and the start of freeware is initially seen as a cross cursor. By holding down the mouse button the user pulls an arbitrarily large rectangular cutout on. After that, the processing program automatically opens. Here can be optionally save them as JPG, PNG or BMP of just triggered snapshots.

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Snipping Tool writes notes on the snapshot

By clicking on Edit you change among others the image brightness and intensity. In addition, the images friend’s provided recording with geometric figures, such as circles or rectangles, and any own notes. The font size, it is a style all at will. By clicking on copying the image ends up on the clipboard. An export in Paint, the default photo editor from Microsoft is also possible.

Snipping Tool XP Download Edit

provided recordings by Snipping Tool XP with timestamp

Various setting options are available under Options. The user can specify that the selected sections are always copied to the clipboard. It also provides the image with a Time stamp and thus the date and time of any size and font and also selects the desired frame size. In the options also own access to Bilderdienst ImageShack be entered. upgrade Windows XP with screenshot function With free Snipping Tool XP Download upgraded you especially older Windows versions with an easy-to-use screen capture program. All in all, the German-language Freeware a thoughtful impression, although some screen capture modes are expandable.