Create Deezer Family Account and add users

Create Deezer Family Account and add users

Create Deezer Family Account and for 14.99 euros Family & Friends with music supply. We explain how to create the account user adds and what benefits still offers the package!

Also, if you can (by the way, can also use friends) look, you have to open the service in the browser after downloading the Deezer app taking advantage of everything the French streaming provider provides, for the family account.

Deezer Family Create an account: the benefits

For 14.99 euros per month total of six people (do not we have to share the same residence, for example, at Apple Music) use all premium features Deezer:

  • Access to over 40 million songs, 40,000 audiobooks, podcasts, radio plays and live football
  • With flow there is a personalized soundtrack
  • Create playlists & save favorite songs and Artist Albums, follow favorite artists
  • Lyrics for numerous titles
  • Ad-free music enjoyment
  • Offline mode on the go

There are also exclusive to those who create a Deezer Family account, these achievements:

  • Individual profiles, music suggestions and flow
  • Family Mix: The playlist from the most flavor intersection of all accounts
  • Deezer Kids: youth safe content for kids of children’s songs on radio plays up to date content for teens
  • Two devices per section (three for the master account), so a maximum of 13 different devices

Deezer Family hinzubuchen to an existing account

If you already have an account with Deezer, you can miss this upgrade, so to speak. In addition one registers with their access data on the site and calls the option on my account. Here the account in Deezer Family can be converted.

Create a new account

not even one uses Deezer so far, first, an account must be created. Registration can be completed either by the account on Facebook or Goolge + or e-mail address. After you have initially the ad-supported free access. Click on Upgrade in the left menu bar, you get a monthly basis to the classic premium profile for 9.99 euros. to scroll a little further down, there is the offer for Deezer Family.

Create Deezer Family AccountAnyone who wants to create a Deezer Family Account must look for something at the bottom of the page.

Add friends and family

After the package is booked, can the Deezer Family account to add more users and that the following steps.

  1. Open Deezer in the app or browser and sign in with the login
  2. Following select My Music and here the sub items change profile and add profile choose
  3. Finally, the user data (name, gender and age) have to be entered and completed the process by clicking on Profile.

Create Deezer Family AccountImages: Deezer.

Note: The main account can the added profile also remove or replace. The option of this is found under the same menu path.