Under the Google Play Store Download operates the Focal Point on downloads and purchases for Android-based mobile devices. Although the name suggests this, to get there no longer just games, but also other entertainment media, but not only that.

Google Play Store Download: Huge selection of apps, music, videos and books

Namely selling typically third-party through the platform Google Play store all sorts of applications, as well as Android users are referred to here music, movies and books. The kiosk is also can subscribe magazines and newspapers, and who would like to order Google hardware such as smartphones and tablets or the streaming stick Chromecast can do so in the online store as well. For users of other mobile operating systems is a wide range of tools in the field of telecommunications to download our software offering.

Google Play Store DownloadGoogle Play Store Download as download and shopping center for Android Mobiles (Image: Google / Editorial)

Sometimes faster updates through the APK Download

Since the shopping platform is pre-installed as an integral part of the mobile Google supply on the majority of the androids, legitimately raises the question: Why use a Google Play Store Download? The answer is to be found in the update policy of the erstwhile search engine titans, or rather in the technical conditions of the mobile market.

Tacit updates sometimes need some time

The Google Play Store is updated by its manufacturer in the so-called silent procedure. Say, updates are silently up playing in the background, without Otto Normaluser will notice them something. However, it takes due to the mass in use befindlicher smartphones and tablets sometimes a while until the Google Play Store update arrives on your own mobile. So the Google Play Store Download aimed at the impatient that so long did not want to wait.

Steady expansion of the Google Play Store

What innovations incorporated in the updates from the Google Play store each is different and difficult to say in advance. The last major reconstruction measures admitted as a new payment method within the Play store as PayPal. The graphical user interface has been redesigned and designed user-friendly a lot. This primarily concerns the representation of the access rights via Google Play Store Download related apps. These are visualized by meaningful icons and thereby made easier identified. Further buttons have been enlarged, more generally, what but simplifies the operation of the store a lot, especially on smartphones.

At Google's app marketplace hardly a way around

With a portfolio that now reaches into the hundreds of thousands, Google Play Store is the number one stop shop for Android apps. While there are now quite alternative online marketplaces, but the selection there standing for retrieval can with your own at Google's service not measure from the outset. Especially in terms of content beyond the software area, the Google Play Store app is currently still the benchmark. Accordingly, no way in the Google Play Store Download actually goes past, one might have temporarily installed the latest version of the market on their device.

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