Who wants to aufpeppeln portrait pictures, this is the place for PhotoFunia. Even if you wanted to know ever want as your own face interacts with a tattoo, or how to do on a giant video screen in Times Square, conjures with the online image editing in no time the photo. How about a Vogue Cover, a cinema poster or a very simple portrait in the style of the Renaissance? With Fotospaßia all this is not a problem. In addition, few other gadgets are available, such as its own logo on the cinema or on a tarnished window. The best part: The Photofunia download is not necessary, the Web App edit images and live within your web browser.

Create online with PhotoFunia photomontage

To selectively adjust images in the smallest details, is certainly hip rather download one of the many free image editing programs from the freeware catalog. For quick and easy to create funny picture effects and decorations or just for photomontages the free PhotoFunia is certainly first choice. The first step is to select the desired one from the many available modifications. For this, you simply scroll through the examples that are sorted either in an eternally long list, or by genre ready. Then the own image is uploaded and the effect applied. Image source user may either use digital images from your own hard drive, or simply take a snapshot with the webcam. In addition, it directly accesses images of Facebook and several other social media sites back. Beautiful solved: The last uploaded pictures are all over the Last button images to choose from. Now, still recommends the displayed frame to be placed around the face so PhotoFunia can work optimally. Depending on the effect then various settings are available, such as the election of the hue, the type of paper, etc.

Various photo effects of A-Z

PhotoFunia download

The visual effects in PhotoFunia are sorted for free and good. Upon request access Fotofreunde back via button on latest available or the most popular effects. going into every available processing here would the (paintings-) is beyond the scope clear, we want the available categories while briefly list. Because there is overlap between the different categories, some of the descriptions are very similar and also involve actually sometimes the same image effects. However, the overall selection amounts still to currently stately 399 FX.

  • Lab: Various effects primarily text-based
  • Filter: color filters provide images as a romantic, or rather cool touch
  • Cards: Different cards, for example Easter greetings or a French Postcard
  • Posters: Posters from the movie posters to classics Wanted Dead Or Alive
  • Galleries: Your own picture in the Louvre, on a Modern Art exhibition, or in the library
  • Photography: photos as Polaroid, etc. in the picture frame
  • Faces: Screws his own head on prominent body
  • Billboards: The own photo on canvas from Osaka to New York
  • Celebrities: My Pictures in context with stars, similar to Faces
  • Frames: Various artful to kitschy picture frames
  • Drawings: From street painting to hatch or Mona Lisa-waste
  • Vintage: Various ancient effects
  • Misc: Various photo gadgets, e.g. Image as a reflection in one eye
  • Magazines: I in a glossy newspaper
  • Professions: Portraits as an astronaut, while dunking or surfing
  • Movies: Your own image as Superman, Obi-Wan Kenobi or Jack Sparrow
  • TV: Did you see me the other day on TV?
  • Books: Self-Portrait in thick old ham or a paperback novel

After the image processing: spokes, parts, sending

The finished image is stored quickly and easily in various quality levels on the hard disk. The best level of quality is provided even for printing and can therefore be a photo print of the picture frame placed in the living room. Alternatively, the upload on Facebook and some sites that are likely to be popular rather in Russian lands, or shipping as a real postcard is ready. For this, however, an active link in TouchNote for payment of postage is then necessary.

PhotoFunia Download Postcards

Photo fun with PhotoFunia Download or browser

Images Fun in the browser is guaranteed with PhotoFunia. The handling is really simple, the effects varied and the results look really always look good. If unexpected times but something goes wrong, the second attempt of this is done in no time. Since the visit or online friends but make pretty eyes: Wow, why have you been on a video screen? Users of Windows 8 can incidentally also rely on the touch-optimized PhotoFunia Download: PhotoFunia for Windows 8