in the Tropico download players assume the role of El Presidente. The controls the fate of a small tropical island and have to worry as in the simulation game for all sorts of great events and little things.

Tropico Download as entertaining Aufbauspiel

Visually, Tropico is moving somewhere between SimCity and The Sims 3, playful though some other components are incorporated. So are the main tasks of the President on the one hand the construction of the island, including functioning economy and on the other the defense of natural disasters - of which the little island has now really enough. It is however important to get backing from the people. Without support decisions are often thwarted in the Cabinet times.

Tropico is fun and, thanks to the sophisticated game concept lasting fun. This is ensured not only 20 missions and ten new maps, but also new goodies such as Twitter and Facebook links. Beautiful graphics, fun game play - test!

Tropico download