Microsoft Excel 2013 2023

Microsoft Excel 2013

With the Microsoft Excel 2013 Download, users get the popular program for spreadsheets on the PC. MS Excel is a part of the great office suite that Microsoft provides commercially prepared both for personal use and for business users. The trial version allows users to a month to assess the function of bandwidth quite well.

Microsoft Excel Download combines tried and tested with new

With the Microsoft Excel 2013 Download the spreadsheet software comes with a completely new design. The office software trumps with new features such as an optimized gesture control and a cloud connection. As from older versions or other office & Finance software used to download the Excel allows extensive calculations using a variety of functions and formulas. The program works with formulas, filters and methods for statistical and commercial areas, taking into account in various ways dates.

Excel downloadMicrosoft Excel 2013 Download the standard for spreadsheets (Image: Microsoft / Editorial)

At first glance, the 2013er-edition oriented to its predecessors. Spreadsheets look as ever and the user interface is also therefore as usual. Excel workbooks can thus be filled with different leaves and stored.

Spreadsheet sets with functional bandwidth standards

Among the most striking innovations include the integrated gesture control for devices with touch screens such as tablet PCs. Furthermore facilitate OneDrive- or SharePoint connectivity, and the link between the operating system and program the transfer of documents. This means that tables can be processed simultaneously with other users and stored securely. Access to these documents is then unbound from each PC.

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Download Excel PivotTableThe tables can be processed simultaneously with other users and stored securely. (Image: Microsoft / Editorial)

In addition, the 2013 version scores with a so-called flash preview. Here, the software automatically determines the existing table patterns and automatically completes cells using previously in the table-made inputs. Add to that the smart PivotTable function makes suggestions for the presentation of complex data. The user decides which best reflect these previews the statement. For individual spreadsheets suggests Excel before matching chart types. The tool also has a new format dialog on board, which sets the scene diagrams correctly. New chart and table types and a compatibility mode for older Excel file types round out the spreadsheet from Microsoft.

Quickly find your way in Excel – thanks to the help and new UI

The current Excel download integrated seamlessly into the Windows interface. In addition to the optimized interface for touchscreen devices Excel sheets can be with the mouse create more comfortable and pass it on to colleagues. Those who want to find their way more quickly in the revised user interface for the quick start manuals offer to Microsoft Office, which we also offer for download.

Excel Download HelpQuick start guides and assistants to Microsoft Excel (Image: Microsoft / Editorial)

Note: The download link from Excel performs technical reasons for the Microsoft website. The trial included 2013 Professional Plus in the test package of Microsoft Office, which withstand a month. After that, a subscription to a monthly 10 euro is possible. To use the trial version, users must first register with a Windows account. Then obtained a license key that activates the trial via email.

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Limitations of Microsoft Excel 2013

The trial included 2013 Professional Plus in the test month package of Microsoft Office.

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