Twonky Beam app 2023

Twonky Beam app

Who does a lot with the smartphone, but at home like on the big screen relies knows the problem: The transmission does not always work so well. This is where the Twonky Beam app to, streams the media to AirPlay receiver and other DLNA-enabled devices such as consoles and smart TVs.

Twonky Beam appStream By tapping media from the mobile device to the TV: The Twonky Beam app makes it possible. (Picture: pixabay / Lynx / Editorial)

Make streaming with the Twonky Beam app

Whether videos, photos and even music: Twonky Beam converts the phone into a streaming server that just such media brings to UPnP-enabled devices. It works like this:

Twonky Beam is on the Split button in almost every app available – in other words, even media about WhatsApp and Facebook can be so via WLAN on the big TV stream. Additionally, the tool via the app’s own surface access to various TV channels, including ARD and ZDF media library or even YouTube offers.

Who wants to get going with the stream, just type in beam it and off you go.

All that is needed at home in addition to the smartphone with the app is a receiver. This can be both smart TVs and the Apple TV – the TV actually need to pay a DLNA compatibility. But even consoles like the Xbox or Play Station.

Twonky Beam app surfaceThe app interface looks clear. (Image: Screenshot Lynx)

transfer data’s play

Those who work in addition to the PC or NAS with Twonky Server (Network Attached Storage), can also synchronize using the Twonky Beam app media files between PC and smartphone and thus save a lot of effort. So let new photos and videos back up quickly, without stifling the user in the clutter. And who ensures its media on the PC, you can create more space in the internal memory on the smartphone.

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The Twonky Beam app is available for both Android from version 2.3.3 as well as iOS and completely free – but currently available neither in the Google Play Store still in the App Store. With us, there’s the APK for Android but already available for download. Anyone looking for additional tools on Internet TV, but can look around in our download database.