Jurassic World ™: The Game

Jurassic World ™: The Game

The Jurassic World App set 22 years after a Jurassic Park. In keeping with the desire of John Hammond a colossal theme park to be built with dinosaurs on the island Nublar. These dinosaurs have come to life and cared for; the unique zoo to be built and expanded.

Jurassic World App

The Jurassic World app – a classic building game with lots of extras

The game follows a classic building game under construction: Gradually, the Jurassic World can be extended, provided with various buildings which can be upgraded as the game progresses. Additionally you can create by altering the genetic structure ever new and more incredible dinosaur in the laboratory. These in turn are required for fighting in the arena. – So the concept is not necessarily new, what the entertainment value, however, does not diminish. This is mainly due to numerous updates and free extras that players are kept constantly on the ball. Gamers will (if they do not have a very patient player soul) but as in almost all free-to-play games have to pay for exclusive and rare content. And that can be really expensive in the Jurassic World App. So there is no in-app product under a euro and the most expensive bundle costs about 100 euros – there may even price not keep adult console or PC games. However, if you can not be tempted by these extras, the game can also gamble completely free.

Jurassic World App Lab

Great graphics and compelling animations

Because Jurassic World Android convinces with the graphics and animation of the dinosaur. the amusement park still looks like in any build-up play, the representation of the genetic development of new breeds and the fighting in the arena clearly stand out from similar games. The bubbling test tubes with dinosaur embryos or spectacular fights iridescent breeds were reacted in an impressive manner for mobile devices. Together with the combination of structure, PvP and trading card game, the app makes a good impression. is dispensed with the expensive in-app purchases users receive a beautifully animated gimmicks.

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