With the Reason download is a full production studio into the home studio. In an infinite rack synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, Loop Player, Effects, Extensions and audio tracks can be screwed until the CPU breaks down.

Reason download as a recording studio for audiophiles

Since the developers occasionally go their own ways, not all synthetic forms used can be described quickly and clearly. it can be said that various synthesizers and samplers, drum machine and sample player are available, all of which can be nested together. By crazy concept, the modulation capabilities in Reason are virtually inexhaustible. Pressing "tab" revolves around the rack and it opened the second world Reason: Stripping pulling. The software opens up audiophile audience intuitive and actually offers unlimited possibilities. Beginners can use the options not to exhaust on the spot, to get it fairly quickly to a usable result.

Reason download

Support of Rack Extensions

The sequencer is now fully grown and offers several ways (pattern-based or progressively) to reach the goal. This single Achilles tendon in Reason has now been reinforced. So grab producers since Reason 6 on audio tracks in the sequencer back to you had to resort to using so far. Reason can also act both as a ReWire host and as a slave and thus be connected to other DAW applications. Since version 6.5 also supports Reason Rack Extensions, the Propellerheads own plugin Schnittstslle for new plugins like synths and effects. Version 7 now allows turn out the control external MIDI devices directly from Reason - perfect sync guaranteed.

divide audio recordings with a few clicks into slices

The mixer supported in the current Reason Download now group / bus lanes with Insert FX, EQ templates and a spectrum analyzer. Especially cool: Audio recordings can be divided with a few clicks in slices and bend or even export them as REX. A large range of sounds available, which can be extended (also third-party) at any time through so-called ReFills. In addition, your own samples can be imported (common formats supported) and of course create your own creations are stored. Whether Black Beatz, Rave, Minimal, Pop and other genres of music - Reason is more than worth a look. At first glance, little more than a techno toy, reveal themselves after a few minutes unimagined possibilities. Not just recommended for beginners essential: clear judgment!

Limitations of Reason

Running time: 20 minutes per session No saving, no audio export