Save GIF on Android, iPhone and PC 2023

Save GIF on Android, iPhone and PC

As one might a Save GIF, but somehow the whole thing mutates it to the still picture. but that can also be prevented.

Save GIF – is that possible?

GIFs are somehow a phenomenon. They exist for a long time and been haunted since early times Internet through the network, they can be sent as files small size yet. Nevertheless, they can express much – often more than a static image.

Save GIFSave a GIF is not at all times difficult. (Image: Screenshot GIPHY / Editorial)

At that time, they were often used as decorative elements on early Web 2.0 sites. The colorful flashing on the net has now largely over. And yet we meet the GIFs lately more frequently. Because social media and Messenger hear about the frugal moving images. Meanwhile GIFs can share for iPhone not only Facebook but also in popular messengers like WhatsApp for Android or WhatsApp.

But who wants to know not only secures online in the database a GIF, but also from the device any time trying to access the GIF must store. And it works really quite simple – but not always. For example, iOS accounts for 10 issues.

GIF AndroidOn Android devices, you can, for example, about GIPHY find funny pictures and download them via the context menu, and it later among other things via Google Photos again. (Picture: Screenshots GIPHY / Editorial)

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Save GIF on the Android device

The Practical: through WhatsApp sent GIFs are automatically saved in general, unless you have the feature disabled. However, only GIFs that you receive from others via WhatsApp sent you.

You will find a GIF in a browser, simply hold your finger and hold it and then choose Download picture or similar option. The file will be in your Pictures folder or – if you have been using the service – stored in Google Photos.

Does your Google Photos, the GIF is also reproduced as such, if your calling it from the folder out. Otherwise you may have to download additional software, such as the Animated GIF viewer.

Save a GIF on iPhone or iPad

Similarly straightforward is to store GIFs in iOS. Here, too, you call in the browser GIF on, hold your finger on it and select Save Image. IOS 11 you can watch the images display then animated on the Photos folder.

contrast to iOS 10 You have to make a detour: Sends the stored GIF via news app or mail to someone else. After that you can watch it you also animated. Or You invite you as an additional Android app from the AppStore.

GIF PCYou have the option to save the file as a GIF or as MP4 via the PC. (Image: Screenshot GIPHY / Editorial)

Special case Facebook

Will you save an uploaded directly to Facebook GIF, you have to go a little more complicated route because the network GIF files automatically converts MP4 files.

  1. Taps long for the GIF and selects the option to copy the link.
  2. Adds the address into the browser. The GIF is played.
  3. GIF invites down on the download button.
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You may have to try this throughout the PC, if the download on your phone does not work.

GIF right clickThe right click is your best friend. (Image: Screenshot Wikipedia / Editorial)

Save GIF on the PC

Will you, however, save a GIF on the PC and also play this quite normal that works today, fortunately without any problems. On sites like you can simply press the corresponding download button and optimizes the file as a small file on social media or download the MP4. Depending on the file format, the GIF will be played in the browser or in the media player.

On other sites like Imgur GIFs be played when opening the browser. Often you will find a download button, which saves the file as a GIF here. With a right click you can save, but also as an MP4 file such GIFs by saving your video as … selected.

Some GIFs can you directly again right click and save image as a GIF download and then open in the browser and can be played.