log on Snapchat: So the work registering!

To subscribe to Join Snapchat to, future users must first create a user account. How the registration works without problems in which the trendy Messenger, we revealed here!

To create a user account, first, the Snapchat app download and install the tool on the mobile device must be done. Although the Messenger can also be used on the PC, but only using an emulator. A desktop application like WhatsApp is currently not yet available.

Log on after installation in Snapchat

To register a new account is selected on the home screen the sign-up option. Following a valid e-mail address, date of birth and password must be specified. Here, the password must be at least eight characters.

Join SnapchatSo you can log in to Snapchat. (Screenshot: Snapchat Inc./Redaktion)

Now users can choose a user name. This should be as unique and creative, because unlike networks - such as Facebook - not the actual full name is required for registration. If a name is set, it can, however, in retrospect not change. Optionally, the phone number can be confirmed. Although this is not a must, but useful if you have forgotten your password. If the Phone number verification performed, users can reset their password to log in with a new Snapchat for this. Now there is a small task, confirm with the user that they are real people. For example, from nine displayed images those need to be selected on which a spirit can be seen.

Snapchat login name specificationFunny frame rates during the registration process. (Screenshot: Snapchat Inc./Redaktion)

Tips for Data Security

So popular Snapchat is current, there have been serious security gaps through which many private photos were publicized on the net. This is especially annoying because the concept of Snapchat actually is that deleting images open after a few seconds even. This in turn enticed many users to send very intimate photos of the service. Unfortunately, the idea to delete images reliably does not work, one hundred percent. So delicate images do not come into the public spotlight, users should follow these tips:

  • Customize settings. First, you have to log in to Snapchat to open after chatting course menu. This is behind the gear icon. Here you can specify who can view or send Snaps. To protect his privacy, the settings should be set Each of the option of friends. Friends are automatically all contacts with whom one has connected via Snapchat. Users should therefore carefully consider whom to include in their contact list.
  • Contacts that attract negative attention, users should immediately Block.
  • Users should think carefully about what content they share. Because the images are only superficially deleted from the application - a temporary file will remain for some time on the recipient's device. These can be accessed by appropriate software tools or relevant even after the actual visibility and even saved.