Of the Homeopathy Repertory Download is a very comprehensive guide specifically for enthusiasts and supporters of natural medicine. The repertory includes over 200 detailed descriptions of homeopathic products, a list of almost 600 indicators and specialty areas such repertories for children, women or first aid.

Naturopathy reference in Homeopathy Repertory Download

Reference are inherently huge tome, extending over thousands of pages and often also divided into several volumes. Whether, history medicine, mathematics or politics - to facilitate the search for specific definitions or issues, this area has moved into the digital world. For all departments and functional areas to a wide range of free software encyclopedia and reference developed. This here Download Homeopathy Repertory is a specially designed to the field of natural medicine reference book. It brings in a very structured way with in-depth knowledge and information on homeopathic remedies and their applications, which are also easily accessible to the user without cumbersome search.

Homeopathy Repertory Download

Lexicon software for homeopathy without installation

The file of Repertoriumsoftware is less than two MB in size, making the download is done very quickly. The program can be used on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. FIG. You also have to click through no installation, to use the reference work. Simply click the downloaded file and search for homeopathic remedies can begin. This Homeopathy Repertory download is a demo version in which the contents have been severely restricted. The descriptions only go up to the letter "C". However, one can get a good first impression.

many content & quick search on Homeopathy Repertory

The homeopathic reference book includes over 200 descriptions of natural medicine resources, with information on physical and psychological symptoms, main indications, procedures, etc. In addition, many of the explanations with pictures illustrated.

Homeopathy Repertory Download Description

For the middle-discovery there are different approaches or ways. The fastest way to get to the desired average over the full-text search or by using the indications. Nearly 600 indications, each with appropriate means proposals contained in the reference book. A second option is to start the search by limiting the range. So the program has highlighted several areas of expertise, which can be selected with one click. These areas include first aid, children, women and psyche and soul, with the range women is new.

Homeopathy Repertory Download Women

Special features in the repertory

It should be emphasized that the Repertorization has been improved with the current version. Say, take the user to quickly and effectively to the requested remedies. In addition, links to the search terms are available. The tool also has a very useful questionnaire with 167 questions. This can be completed, printed out and taken to the medical practitioner. The right history is using the answers for the medical practitioner much easier.

Limitations of Homeopathy Repertory

The number of drugs and indications is limited.