WhoCrashed Home Edition 2023

WhoCrashed Home Edition

WhoCrashed Home Edition analyzes Windows crashes. The free analysis tool examines the dumps generated in a crash of Windows for errors. In this way, errors can be as easily locate and resolve incompatible driver. The free WhoCrashed Home Edition can remedy system errors like sudden blue screens, unexpected reset or system freezes. To find sources of error, the freeware examines the so-called dump files of the operating system. This is to store images of Windows, which contain information on the cause of the faults. This information can feel WhoCrashed Home Edition and makes error messages for the user to understand. With WhoCrashed Home Edition users find the cause of system crashes on the track. Often incompatible driver to blame for system instabilities. The freeware helps users to discover errors and correct them when possible. More information about WhoCrashed: Windows crashes – Analysis & solution

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