CopyTrans Contacts 2023

CopyTrans Contacts

With the CopyTrans Contacts Download can be easily backup iPhone contacts on the PC and manage – and do so without iTunes. The free tool allows both contacts from various portals and programs such as Outlook, iCloud, Gmail, or Yahoo to express or to import.

A simple address book with the CopyTrans Contacts Download

The cumbersome management of iPhone contacts via back-up or iTunes on PCs has the CopyTrans Contacts Download finally over. The tool allows convenient management of the address book on the computer – and that for all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models on the operating systems Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP. Users can:

  • Backup contacts and restore
  • transfer contacts
  • edit, group, or delete contacts

With the supported formats vCard, CSV, .contact, iCalendar, XLS, DOC, HTML and TXT software dominates almost all popular formats and allows synchronization of the address book on various operating systems and for different providers and portals. Thus, the contact can be easily from iPhone to iPhone or from iPhone to Android or transferred onto the BlackBerry. The synchronization between iPhone and Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Thunderbird or Skype is possible in no time and with a few clicks. Even lost contacts can be restored via iTunes backup.

CopyTrans Contacts DownloadEasily manage iPhone contacts after CopyTrans Contacts download. Image: Wind Solutions AG.

With CopyTrans SMS & secure WhatsApp messages on the PC

CopyTrans Contacts does not only offer an easy management of all iPhone contacts but additionally securing text and WhatsApp messages on the PC. The messages can be saved as text or HTML file in Word either. Even sent or received photos of various formats can be viewed on the computer. Additionally, calendar, reminders, and bookmarks can also be backed up and processed.

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Limitations of the free version

CopyTrans Contacts download is basically free. However, there are some limitations in the free version. So only 50 contacts managed as well as 25 other actions can be performed with the demo version. The full version is currently 14.99 euros in the shop of the developer or by the software. Additional actions may be acquired free of charge by the support of the software on social networks. each get 25 more options for action by the user, for example, Liken’s Facebook page or follow on Twitter.