In WhatsApp new number: The change is easier! 2023

In WhatsApp new number: The change is easier!

In WhatsApp new number? This can be annoying to the problem. Since each WhatsApp user account is linked to the WhatsApp download with a specific phone number, the user must communicate the new phone number to all his contacts, which often proves to be quite cumbersome.

In WhatsApp new number: Auto Insert Notification

The developers of WhatsApp are working to make something simpler and more convenient to switch to the user when new WhatsApp phone numbers. Already now it can be replaced quickly the WhatsApp number. Anyone who has a new cell phone number and his WhatsApp account would like to change it, go into the settings and change them to change under account and number. The new phone number and chat history WhatsApp contacts should be converted correctly on their own WhatsApp.

WhatsApp new numberWhatsApp new number: The change of phone number is easier! (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

The old and new WhatsApp chat history also merge with the friends

However, there is the problem that the old contact phone number is not as easy to change to a new one with the WhatsApp friends. If the user anschreibt contact with his new number, it has a fresh chat history in front of him and the previously written is gone. According to the most well-informed industry insiders WABetaInfo a new WhatsApp function shall soon see to it that the old chat history merge with the new one.

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Notification of own contacts with new WhatsApp number

In addition, there should be an automatic notification of their own contacts with the telephone number change. It will therefore no longer be necessary, awkward to inform friends, family and colleagues with a chat message from the exchange. Instead, WhatsApp will offer to share all contacts the number change. Here, the user may be limited to request to those contacts with whom he has already chatted before.