WhatsApp video call does not work? This is because it! 2023

WhatsApp video call does not work? This is because it!

Reasons and help with problem: WhatsApp video call does not go! Learn to know what it is when the video calling will not.

From version 2.16.17 download of WhatsApp for Android and version 2.16.355 WhatsApp for iPhone is equipped with the video call feature – and works well in general.

WhatsApp video call does not work: The can you do!

Video calls to WhatsApp work principle as voice calls. You start the video call via the tab Calls “or * Chats and after selecting the desired contact with a tap on the camera icon. If that does not work, it could have these causes:

WhatsApp video call does not goWhatsApp video call does not work? There are all möglihcen causes and the solution of the problems. (Fig. WhatsApp Inc.)

1. WhatsApp is outdated

Sometimes the fault of an outdated version of WhatsApp is. Those who do not can automatically update the Messenger, the latest variant should pick.

2. WhatsApp or operating system hang

Then it helps to first to end the Messenger and if necessary to restart your phone.

3. The Internet connection on strike

If the problem: “WhatsApp video call does not” occur, it is often on the Internet. Checks the following points here:

  • Is the wireless turned on?
  • Do you have enough data volume or maybe there’s just you in a dead spot?
  • Do you perhaps have the option mobile data disabled?
  • Is your you in flight mode?
  • Have you activated a limitation of data usage?
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5. WhatsApp is a fault

To find out if even there is an error in WhatsApp, you can either call the system status in the Help section, or inform you under allestörungen.de. In the event of a failure you can do nothing and just have to wait and see.

WhatsApp video call does not go disorderSometimes is also directly offered a fault. (Screenshot: Editorial)

6. You have been blocked

The WhatsApp video call is not if you were blocked. Then your call did not reach the desired contact. You can find this out by checking their following points:

  • You see only a hook next to the last message?
  • Do you see any online stamp more?
  • Can you not add to a group chat contact?

Then you were probably blocked. However, there can be this technical problems – at WhatsApp (then checks point 5) or even with your contact.

The contact is simply not achievable

The easiest way is of course at the very end of the article: Perhaps no network, no Internet connection or mobile phone has your contact simply switched off. Then you can simply try to call another contact via video call. Does the you, you can assume that it is not on your cell phone, the connection or WhatsApp itself. In this case, you must wait until your contact is reachable again and call at a later time again you up.