Dictindustry 2023


Dictindustry offers to users as a translator for technical terms. The free online reference dominates nearly 20 languages, provides pictures of the desired components and links directly from the dictionary to appropriate Wikipedia articles. In detail Dictindustry additionally, supports both German and English, Spanish, French, Italian and Potugiesisch, the idioms of the Scandinavian countries. And the east of Europe is covered with Russian, Czech, Romanian and other languages, which the translator basically can be used worldwide. As a special feature may be that all languages ​​are combined with each other, so for example, caused a translation from Norwegian to Turkish no major problems. According to the vendor, all terms, including complete sentences and sentence fragments include, written by native speakers. To clarify whether the term actually searching for has been entered, contribute to a series of images. remain open even factual questions Dictindustry points directly out of its sides to the corresponding Wikipedia entries. Even a search for unknown words within the Dictindustry pages is integrated. Both functions are achieved if the passage in question is marked in the browser, after which a small Konktext menu with the links appear. Registered users may incidentally make their own contribution to Dictindustry and submit missing words. A fully rounded and meaningful thing the freeware is some glossaries, alphabetical list which terms from areas such as acoustic systems, electronics or measurement and testing technology and direct by clicking on translations – recommended!

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