Looking for creative Tumblr name? For more help!

Looking for creative Tumblr name? For more help!

Who starts a blog, also needs a Share name! But which one should only choose? We give inspiration and show how to get to a great URL. find suitable name now!

Tumblr is a platform that allows anyone to setup a blog. How to use it and aligns it is all left to themselves. One can photos, videos, music and also easily publish text or links on the blog. For convenient maintenance of the blog also download the Tumblr app provides. But first you need a suitable name …

Share nameWe show how to get to creative Tumblr name. (Picture: Tumblr, Inc./Redaktion)

The way to original name Tumblr

If you decide to bring your own blog on Tumblr on the way, requires first of all a name, that is a URL. Cool and creative course he has to be, but it has to fit somehow. As soon as you a few ideas that you have to realize, “Damn, who have been awarded all!” But do not panic – there’s more than enough free name. The following tips, everyone can find their ideal and unique Tumblr URL.

Inspiration by name generators

One way to get the name of a special Tumblr is a generator. Of which there are quite a few on the net and most of spit equal to a number of name. We also once tried one and were happy under a different name as johnnydepphauntedmypony or crushallwhisperdrops. For starters, not all that bad – at least they are creative and kind of funny. One or the other, the proposals also help to set their own brainstorming started.

Share Name GeneratorAn option is a name generator. (Picture: Tumblr, Inc./Redaktion)

The real name

may sound uncreative – but is not so unclever. Fits not only into one, it is also unique in many cases. If the name is already taken or is not original enough, you can also double up syllables of the name, such as annanna or kathariririna.

Name for random Tumblr blogs

If you want to split on the blog on your mood completely random photos that are not attributable to any particular subject, then you can pick up on the Share name, too. The blogger shows quite clearly that there is only random content that quasi reflect a different life. Examples would be:

  • third life
  • youneverfindmehere
  • escapingmymind

Combination of interests

A simple but equally ingenious variant to find the right name, have their own interests. One should consider what are things that you like the most. What we are interested in? How you spend your free time? What drives one? Or what are things that you really want to “talk” on the blog. This then can be developed super one name. That might look like this:

  • One may white chocolate + beach = whitechocolateandsand
  • veggiemarie (if you are a vegetarian and Marie’s)
  • Maggie smash (Maggie a volleyball loves)

Share name interestsThe appropriate name for Tumblr can be made up of own interests. (Picture: Tumblr, Inc./Redaktion)

The results are not only resourceful, but also very personal.

provide the name under a motto

Who wants to make his blog at a particular motto, can also express the Tumblr with his name. An example would be: sex.drugs.rocknroll. Who spontaneously not think of anything that can also go out a Google-themed search easy.

Text lines from movies, music or art

Perfect for those who have a favorite movie or a favorite book. And text lines from songs are super suitable as a name. Thus one sees at first glance, to what genre it is.