Farming Simulator 2014

Farming Simulator 2014

With the Farming Simulator 2014 download the user can re-enact various tasks on a home computer that are incurred on a farm. A typical task, for example, incorporation into various equipment and subsequent plowing of fields with these devices.

Farming Simulator 2014 download

be once in a lifetime farmer! Many people dream of, especially city dwellers. With Farming Simulator 2014 download, users can fulfill this dream, at least on the PC. The installation of the free demo version is very fast by the hand, similar to many other simulator games with free download. After downloading, you follow the usual installation steps must accept the license agreement and select the location. is recommended for beginners, the “standard” installation and not the “Custom” installation. Is the establishment of complete, appears on the desktop, the program icon and you can start the Farming Simulator, 2014.

Farming Simulator 2014 installation

Farming Simulator 2014 download available for different platforms

By the way, these are – strictly speaking – about the Farming Simulator 15, but the version in mid-2014 has already been published. Since 2008 is the game of the Independent Publishers Giants software already on the market. The publisher Focus International and Astragon involved. Since 2008 Erstveröffentlichtung numerous enhancements and new versions are appearing that was previously always published in the years with the year. Why the newest Farming Simulator now marketed in the year 2014 Farming Simulator 15, probably only know the publisher itself. Presumably, the development of this version is so far advanced that 2015 is planned no new version. But not only the versions for Windows computers have consistently optimized over the years the developers. Already in 2013 a version was released for Mac computers. For game consoles Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS, there is the Farming Simulator also. The Mobile App of the simulator game is available for Android smartphones, iPhones and Windows Phones.

Innovations of Farming Simulator 2014

On Windows PCs, you can enjoy 2014 download, among other things, with over 100 vehicles and other agricultural machines, according to the Farming Simulator. Here are more than 40 licensed brands available, so for example equipment from renowned manufacturers like New Holland, Kuhn, Lamborghini, Case IH, Deutz-Fahr, Ponsse and many other manufacturers more. Compared to the simulator versions from last year and previous years, many innovations have been introduced. So you can take with Farming Simulator 2014 download, for example, new fields, such as forestry, including the right machines, tools and equipment. In addition, the map of Scandinavia has been completely newly added.

Farming Simulator 2014 New Holland

The newly licensed brands among agricultural vehicles and equipment include a forwarder (BUFFALO) and wood harvesting (SCORPIO KING) of Ponsse. The manufacturer New Holland several new machines, such as tractors with the numbers T6.160, T8.320, T8.435, T9.565 and SmartTrax or harvesters TC5.90 and CR10.90 also come. Also numerous articles for harvesting machines from New Holland are new to come, as a tractor from MAN and two wheel loaders from Liebherr.

Simulator developer support modding

only the original equipment, vehicles, tools are default included also in Farming Simulator, 2014. However, the manufacturer directs himself out on the modding. With the mods such as new machinery, tools or maps and features such as a Abfahrhelfer can be add. The official mods can be integrated via drag-n-Drog easily, the manufacturer Giant Software part of the modding even actively supported with its own portal. sometimes called Farming Simulator 2014 – – Another feature of Farming Simulator 2014 is the multiplayer mode. With up to 15 other players can exchange this way tips and tricks.

Game modes and gameplay of Farming Simulator 2014

Basically, it comes in Farming Simulator 2014 about to take on typical farm work, so for example, to edit a land area with a harvesting machine or to fill machines with fuel or seed. The player who does not have to be supplied in the simulation game are two different modes.

  • With the entertaining missions can provide, for example, predetermined areas of seed.
  • For more demanding players, there is the time unbegrenten Karrienmodus. In Karriemodus it comes to become the modern and successful Ladwirt. Here also an integrated in-game economic system plays a role, which influences the prices for the crop.

The most important features at a glance

  • 100 equipment (vehicles, machinery, etc.)
  • inspired by Scandinavia card including
  • New field of forestry
  • More than 40 licensed brands (Case IH, Deutz-Fahr, Lamborghini etc.)
  • Multiplayer
  • Two different game modes: Career mode and entertaining missions
  • Three animals (chickens, cows and sheep)

System for the Farming Simulator 2014 download

The Farming Simulator 2014 is fully capable of running under the Windows operating systems Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. For be the best gaming experience 2.0 GHz Intel or equivalent AMD processor and graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 8600, ATI Radeon X2600 or higher and with at least 512 MB VRAM provided as 2GB of RAM, a DVD-ROM drive and 3 GB of free hard disk space. Those who want to play this game in multiplayer mode, this requires a broadband Internet connection. carried out the game updates and mods over the Internet connection. Versatile Farming Simulator for the curious Whether it’s creative and want to try out under realistic operations, whether he or she is suitable for the country life and has the makings of a modern farmer, is well served with Farming Simulator 2014 download. The software installs quickly and impresses with realistic tasks and graphics.