Insert signature in PDF: all options explained!

Insert signature in PDF: all options explained!

There are various ways to keep Insert signature in a PDF to – by scanning the signature or digital signature. How to make the options, read here!

The signing of PDF files makes these days for various reasons sense and saves a so some way. The following guide shows three options to incorporate his signature. All you need is the free download of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

Insert signature in PDFInsert signature in PDF: We show different ways

The Insert Acrobat DC signature in PDF

Only Adobe offers three different proposals for including its own signature to the user. That is possible:

  • type signature
  • characterized signature
  • Insert Image (signature previously scanned)

In addition, can also insert when needed names of companies and title or date.

So the signature is inserted in PDF

No matter which option you choose, to put his signature to the PDF, the procedure is almost identical. Only in the middle part there are small deviations. That’s how it’s done:

  • (1) First, the corresponding document is opened, in which the signature is to be inserted. In the menu under Tools clicking to the point completing and signing.
  • (2) If you want to add additionally date, title, company name, or the like, the data simply pulls in the right pane, click a form field.
  • (3) Now to get to the real subject – the signing: For this, the user selects in the tool list, select signing of which is also symbolized by a spring. This opens a drop-down, in which you add between initial and selects Add signature.

Insert signature in PDF with Adobe3 options for signing in Adobe Acrobat DC

  • (4) For users who want to sign the first time, it automatically opens a window signatures. At this point you have to decide whether to type in the signature, insert a scanned signature or want to digitally sign. Select sure one of the three buttons above the field.
    • (A) type in: In this version the user types in his name and then selects a signature style. The program provides different styles available, their appearance is directly displayed by clicking on it.
    • (B) digitally signThe user can simply draw his signature via touchscreen or mouse. This is unusual at first, and perhaps also acts here and there spidery. But you can the process so as often as you want until you are satisfied, repeat.
    • (C) To scan: Insert the signature in the PDF, also works over an image. Say, the user has previously written his signature in black ink on a white sheet of paper and then scanned or photographed and then brought to his PC.
  • (5) Now, the signature may be stored if desired, by the check boxes is provided with a check mark. Registered users that the signature can be securely stored in the cloud to be reused when needed the advantage.
  • to (6) To the signature in PDF insert, the user now selects Apply. Just click on the spot where the signature should be inserted. Then you can slide into the optimum position there. Click this purpose the field and shift the arrow keys.

Signature in PDF add PDF-XChange ViewerInsert signature with PDF-XChange Viewer

Alternative software for Adobe

Who do not like working with Adobe, and other software, such as the PDF-XChange Viewer can take on hand for the digital signing but which is also free. Click here for the free PDF-XChange Viewer download.
insert the signature in the PDF, so that works like this:

  • After downloading the software is started and the corresponding PDF open it.
  • In the menu bar, click on Tools, select and navigate over notes show the pin to the point range with note styles.
  • The following menu are options for the pen color and line width.
  • The user puts his signature via mouse, touchpad or touch screen with stylus now.
  • still save the document – that’s it.