Minecraft without Java games: How it works!

you owe it to the most recent update of the sandbox games that now Minecraft without Java can be gambled. continue, how to get to safety and performance in Minecraft!

After downloading Minecraft had been in Windows operating systems on the "normal" Java client to resort. This fact is now part of the story, because with the new update, which Microsoft recently rolled out, it is possible Minecraft now to play without Java.

Minecraft without Java

Minecraft without Java: More security & speed

The update brings decisive advantages. Java is widespread and comes in many fields, such as desktop applications are used. However, Java is one next to Adobe Reader and Flash the most popular targets of attack by hackers. The vulnerabilities of these programs are largely responsible for ensuring that Windows is vulnerable. The Update of Minecraft is now launching its own Java engine with, which makes the use of unreliable, system-wide Java client superfluous. A positive side effect is that the performance the game using his own clients significantly better is. So Minecraft should start much faster than before.

Update for Windows PCs

As much as Windows users are likely to appreciate the game update, so disappointed likely to be Mac and iOS users. So is the catch of the update: Mac OS X has not been taken into account. As Microsoft explained, but the innovation is to follow later this year for Apple users, unfortunately, only towards the end of the year.

Sun Java free Minecraft version is activated

Before players can banish the conventional Java client from their PC, the update should be performed first, allowing the gamble of Minecraft without Java.

1. Download: First of all, the current version of Minecraft.exe should be downloaded. For this, simply follow the link of the second paragraph.

2. folder assignment: Then drag the file to a folder where the game along with all files should be in the future.

3. Launcher update: Now, the setup file is started and the download of the launcher updates automatically begin. This is complete, the sandbox game starts automatically.

Add 4 Profile: Now the user has to adjust its profile. For this, he clicks on the launcher in the bottom left corner on Edit Profile and go to Java Settings (Advanced). Here there is the box labeled Executable in which a check is now set.

5. path for Minecraft EXE and Java: On the right side there is a launcher section in which the new path to Minecraft.exe- file must be set. In addition, the path for Java is set as follows: C: \ Minecraft Launcher \ runtime \ jre-x64 \ 1.8.0_25 \ bin \ javaw.exe.

Minecraft without Java path

6. Save Now the new adjustments need to be confirmed only by the command Save Profile.

7. Delete Java client: Finally, the system-wide Java client can be deleted and Minecraft without Java be enjoyed.

Maria S.

Conclusion of Maria S.

Who threats found on Java the way to the Windows PC, avoid it but do not want to give up Minecraft should follow the instructions. The update brings not only more secure, but also more fun because of better performance. In addition, the conversion is done quickly.