In Comduo football fans manage their own team of the German second division. A knack for transfers is as helpful as solid management for success. Because the account is due to the last minute shopping when triggered the first few games in the red, there are no points, as the new star striker can also achieve a hat-trick. The points calculated Comduo based on the player notes of a famous sports portal. Receives here a kicker smooth Six, it is for the manager Lousy. Also, yellow, yellow-red and yellow cards draw deductions to be. Conversely, the better the score, the more points. Goal counts in addition, with results of a Defense stretching count more than the one designated storm tanks. The more successful your team occurs, the more money also flows to the Manager account and increases the room for maneuver in the transfer market. Comduo really fun, especially when you mix founded with friends a league and delivers hot duels on the virtual pitch. Fans of the first Bundesliga access Comunio, the manager game on the piano nobile of German football.