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Presentations with PowerPoint were yesterday - today is Prezi Desktop. Instead of boring to string one film to the other, you created using the shareware stunning presentations with tracking shots, zoom and flexible navigation.

create dynamic presentations with Prezi Desktop Download

Anyone who wants to show off times right in his presentation at a customer, his boss or a larger audience, should say goodbye to PowerPoint. The whole thing that is significantly more stylish and even cheaper. With Prezi Desktop download can be stylish and clear flexible presentations create. Unlike PPTs usual, as no individual slides are processed sequentially here, which are then presented to the audience bored in a row. The Prezi tool is clearly more flexible and dynamic. Thus, the user creates his presentation within a two-dimensional surface. In the presentation, there is no step-by-step view. The audience is rather using exciting Camera movements and flexible navigation as well as zoom in and out through the presentation.

Prezi Desktop Download

Presentations with animated and multimedia effects

In terms of populating content is the Prezi Desktop Download PowerPoint to none. Who generally looks for a Microsoft alternative, moreover, is a selection of free software for office and financial matters here. The tool allows the user to one to vary the size of the surface as needed. On the other hand can be next formattable text, graphics and photos also incorporate multimedia elements and animations. Because viewers can get ever amazed when suddenly animated objects magically fly through the presentations. A little hint: A little training in the optimal manner appropriate, To create motion paths, is here but quite necessary.

Prezi Desktop Multimedia Download

Also embed external information, such as YouTube videos , the presentation software no problems. Who wants to take already existing presentations from PowerPoint and give them the final touch, imports this easy. A revision is then easily possible.

For incorporation learning aids are available

After downloading Prezi Desktop entry into the handling is accessible online learning tools easier. Moreover, in the user a wide range prefabricated designs for various applications are available. Anyone familiar with HTML can look forward as well as the surface presented similar to HTML editors. Those who had previously so frequently to do with such tools is likely to do something easier in entering the Presentation Wizard as HTML novices.

Prezi Desktop Download Templates

impress his audience with imaginative presentations The innovative presentation program can easily keep up with the renowned competitors PowerPoint. And actually, it can do even more, because the Prezi tool transforms vile film images in varied and flexible presentations. Although it takes a little more training time, but the results are convincing. Note: Those who are convinced after 30 days trial, the tool can, even without the wallet to charge, continue to use. The manufacturer shall namely a browser version available: Here you can Prezi.

Limitations of Prezi Desktop

30 day trial.